While I am away from my blog, I am honored to showcase a group of talented writers who have stepped forward with their unique voices in support. Every guest writer who is featured here is one that I strongly suggest you follow. Today, I am pleased to share with you this guest post from Lauren at Hobo Mama. I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop by her blog and leave some comment love.



pregnant silhouette on beach 31 weeks maternity belly picRotating with no axis,
unfurled tether
keeping you in place.

The atmosphere around you
so air comes to you.

Extraterrestrial glow
the dimness

As you spin and twirl,
no upside down
or right side up,

your hand before
your face

Waving to Earth.


family portrait of four on the beachLauren blogs at Hobo Mama about natural and attachment parenting and is the author of Poetry of a Hobo Mama: The First Three Years, a collection of poems about her parenting journey so far with her now four-year-old son, Mikko. The poem above is from a new collection for a new baby, two-month-old Alrik. Lauren cofounded Natural Parents Network, and she blogs about writing at She lives and writes across from the beach in Seattle. You can follow Lauren on Facebook and Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Astronaut

  1. Aw, thanks so much, Melissa & Charise! And thank you so much, Zoie, for letting me share my poem over here. I am so honored to be on your blog! It was so lovely for me to delve into my poetry stash from during the pregnancy and relive those heady, introspective times, wondering about and waiting for my baby.

  2. Ah, a beautiful poem! In one single day, I have: learned how to add footnotes to my blogger posts, added a giveaway to twenty or so linkies, and now enjoyed a lovely piece of literary art – all of this thanks to Lauren. Seriously, woman, how do you do it!? ❤

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