Namaste: 27 August 2011

Anjali Mudra: Gratitude Namaste

Anjali Mudra: Namaste

I’m inspired by Amanda at Let’s Take the Metro‘s weekly gratitude post. So, I’m going to cultivate a little more gratitude in my life by joining her on a quest to be thankful until we absolutely exude gratitude. I hope you’ll also join Amanda in sharing just five things you are thankful for this week. Thank you to Amanda for helping bring back genuine gratitude.

This week I am grateful for:

  • Bloggers who hold the space for anonymous posts. Sometimes there are things that need to get out, but are too painful to share with those who know you.
  • Radical Acceptance. It’s a difficult path to healing, but it’s the only way for me to become whole again.
  • Anger. I’m trying to find my gratitude for this emotion instead of running away from it. It has its purpose.
  • Betrayal. Weathering the friendships that fall away. I have never been able to guess who will turn away, who will turn toward, and who will pass judgment and blame. It’s painful, but easier to know who I would not want to keep in my life and those I do.
  • My husband’s family. Observing the deep love and bond they have during a time of loss reminded me of the beautiful people they are. It doesn’t matter to me whether the sentiment is returned or accepted. I extend love to them anyway.

I felt as though I just stood under a clear waterfall. Thank you, Amanda, for reminding me to give my gratitude a voice (oops! Does that make 6? 😉

6 thoughts on “Namaste: 27 August 2011

  1. Whenever I read anything you write, I desperately wish I could just post a video reaction of my facial expression. It’s very difficult to put into words what I feel, but I am at the very least grateful for your gratefulness and the eloquent way you can say anything.

    • Thank you, Amanda. I appreciate you creating this project. I find it so rewarding. I don’t think I would be as mindful of looking for things to be grateful for during the week without this weekly affirmation. I’m sure my family is grateful for that, as well 😉

I love comments and try to reply to each one. I look forward to connecting with you. Namaste

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