Mindfulness and Nature

Welcome to the July Mindful Mama Carnival: Mindfulness and Nature

This post was written for inclusion in the Mindful Mama Carnival hosted by Becoming Crunchy and TouchstoneZ. This month our participants have shared their experiences of mindfulness and the natural world. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.




Nature (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Sometimes, we just need to be quiet enough inside to be able to hear the outside.


Most of us spend our days with a constant chatter going on inside. We think about the things we need to do, things we didn’t finish, and the consequences of these actions. We worry over conversations or imagine how experiences could be different. There’s little time to be quiet and concentrate on what we are doing at that moment.


It doesn’t matter what age you are, getting your hands in the dirty, hearing the wind shake the leaves, and feeling the sun on your skin, can bring you back to the present moment, quieting the inner chatter, and bringing about an almost involuntary mindfulness. The natural world is meditation practice. If we allow ourselves the time to stop thinking, we can’t help but be in the present moment.


When I am feeling scattered or unfocused, I seek out the natural world. I often go for a walk in the park and find I can’t help myself from feeling more calm and centered. I find that my breathing slows and becomes deeper. At the same time, I feel a greater energy, even if I’m exhausted. Nature nurtures me. If I have my children with me, I notice I am more patient and my words are more kind. I notice they tend to relate to each other with more openness and willingness to cooperate.


This, to me, is mindfulness in action. It is our natural state when we don’t fill ourselves with “stuff.” As my friend, Katie shares similar experiences with her children:


One of the things about having a 4yo is that she has a LOT of energy, too much to stay pent up inside our very small house. So, now that good weather is finally here, we encourage her to go outside as much as possible.. and she loves it. She’ll spend hours in our back yard, all by herself, digging and I know not what.  She and our housemate (Uncle David) planted cucumber seeds a few weeks ago, and they have a little ritual of going to check on them, to see their growth.  Pretty soon they’re going to need to start weeding… as soon as the cucumber sprouts can be easily distinguished from the weeds.


My 18mo loves being outside in different ways.  A fairly new walker (she’s the sort who doesn’t start using a skill til she has it down pat), she’s a bit uncertain on the uneven grass yet.  But there are a few outdoors-only toys that she revels in.. and then there’s the pile of logs (supposedly waiting to be chopped for firewood) that are irresistible to her climber’s instincts.  She picks flowers and either smells them or tries to blow them (like dandelions) – or sometimes both!


What is your connection with mindfulness and nature? I’d love to hear from you.




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16 thoughts on “Mindfulness and Nature

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  4. beautiful description of connecting with nature! I love the experience with kids and the simplicity they notice that is yet so profound!

  5. Nature nurtures me, too. ❤ What a beautiful way to explain it! Thank you for hosting this wonderful carnival again, Zoie.

  6. Getting out and breathing fresh air is an instant mood booster for me. Everything you said about the breathing, and feeling more at peace…so true. This was a great carnival topic. It may take me a while to get through all of the submissions, but I will. Thanks for hosting!

  7. “Mindfulness in action… is our natural state when we don’t fill ourselves with “stuff.”

    Yes, yes – I am always having to pull myself back from stuffing myself full – of food, thoughts, ideas… nature is a great teacher of abundance – and enough, together.

    On another note, great to see a pic of your with your kiddies – you look TOTALLY diff to how I pictured you from your FB pic – you’re blonde and curly – not straight brunette!!

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  9. I love it how you write about the present moment Zoie. I totally agree that sometimes our thoughts are so much in the past or in the future that we are completely missing our lives which are NOW. Getting balanced through nature is one of the great ways to reconnect with our inner self and truly enjoy life (which is now).

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  12. Zoie, you’re so bang on with this post. Whenever I’m having trouble entertaining my kids, I put on the sneakers and head for outdoors. The kids have somewhere inspirational in which to play – and I have my connection to Mother Earth. As you say, “nature nurtures us”.

  13. ‘Involuntary Mindfulness’ – I love that.

    There is nothing that brings me to that place more than the natural world – and I definitely see it in my daughter as well. Thank goodness for such opportunities…especially during the times it isn’t easy to get there any other way.

  14. Oh, man, thanks for the reminder that mindfulness can just be inherent in an activity and doesn’t always have to be conscious. My very best days with my kids are the ones where we all end up outside in the garden together.

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