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We read a lot of books about living mindfully in my family and I love hearing from others when they come across a book that they or their kids liked. We also use other media like movies, music, and spoken word to talk about and practice mindfulness. In this continuing series, I’ll be writing posts about the mindful media that my kids and I recommend. Feel free to share any you’ve come across in the comments and if it looks like it might be a nice complement to the one I’m reviewing, I’ll be happy to review it or add a link to it in my post.

Still Quiet Place:Mindfulness for young children; playfu practices to promote health and happiness; audio mp3 & cd by Amy Saltzman, MD

Still Quiet Place Cover

Still Quiet Place:Mindfulness for Young Children

by Amy Saltzman, MD

Please note: I am reviewing the mp3 download version of this audio program.

Still Quiet Place: Mindfulness for Young Children by Amy Saltzman, MD, is a collection of guided meditations and mindfulness practices for children. There is a second collection by Dr Saltzman for teens that I think is even better than this one. So, if you’ve got older children, you might consider listening to the sample tracks before deciding which will work best for your family.

The narrator, Dr. Saltzman, speaks slowly enough for kids to listen, without talking down to them-a common pitfall in children’s media. Saltzman’s voice is soothing, although in the longer track 12 (11 minutes), my kids tuned out after awhile and said they preferred one of the less repetitive tracks. My kids have experience with longer meditations and like the rest of the meditations in this collection, so I think it was simply this track that was a bit droning. I still think it is a worthwhile one to reintroduce periodically, both for older kids and for kids who want or need a longer meditation.

Most of the rest of tracks are between 3 and 4 minutes long each. I felt that when one of my kids liked the meditation, this was the perfect length. However, I wish the collection included a tracks of various lengths for the times when we just needed a quick mindfulness fix, for example when transitioning between bath and brushing teeth-often a chaotic time in our home.

Tracks 1 and 13 are introduction to mindfulness and meditation. The first (track 1) is an explanation of mindfulness for kids, and I think does an excellent job of letting them know what to expect from the audio and in themselves as they practice. The second (track 13) is for adults and again, I think is a good, brief introduction for parents.

I think this audio collection is especially useful for helping a child with anxiety. It is an easy and gentle way for kids to learn self-calming techniques and breath awareness. The more they listen or practice, the easier it is for them to pause for a moment to think before reacting.

My kids really enjoyed track 8, “Teepee,” because Dr Saltzman was making animal sounds. Howling like wolves “cracked them up.”

I find “Teepee” especially good when inertia takes over, but I don’t want to amp them up. For example, when everyone is dragging their feet to get ready for bed. I want to help the kids bring their energy level up, but I don’t want them overly excited or it will be more difficult for them to transition to sleep.

Most of the time, I play “Still Quiet Place” when we are doing other things like quiet play with Lego, drawing or after we get home from a hike. It seems to help the kids feel calm and centered, even if they’re not actively practicing. I made a playlist that I put on when the kids seem irritable in the car and have found they don’t end up arguing as much with these meditations in the background.

I recommend the album for parents and kids to listen to together at first so that kids who haven’t experienced mindful meditations can understand better and have a chance to talk about it after. If kids express an interest, these meditations can be self-directed whenever they wan to practice.

I don’t currently use this to help my kids go to sleep, but I could see selecting your favorite track and incorporating it in bedtime routine. It could become a part of the evening ritual that is looked forward to.

Listen to the audio samples to make sure you like her voice because kids can definitely tell if you are not really into mindfulness practices and will respond the same. Keep at it, though, things change so quickly with kids and you may find “Still Quiet Place” a useful tool when kids are stressed by life.

Activities to create with this audio program:

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