I stalk Imperfect Happiness

I admit it, I am Imperfect Happiness‘s stalker.

Here is the embarrassing evidence:

  • I am friends with her on Facebook (and irl (squee!), although she moved too far away for me to stalk her for real.)
  • I share her posts on my Facebook page and comment on hers
  • I follow her blog in WordPress and Google Reader to make sure I read her posts right away.
  • In case those don’t keep me covered, I fanned the IP Facebook page
  • I comment on all of her posts. And she writes one every day.
  • I tweet her posts and she’s not even on twitter. (Why isn’t she on twitter?!)
  • Here’s the clincher: I actually set a limit on how often I interact with her blog because I don’t want to seem stalker-y

Why do I stalk IP? Because of the writing. Her words provoke inner reflection in the reader to become outward expression. I have never left her blog without something new to think about, and I am including the occasional recipe post.

So, catch her before she puts a restraining order out against the entire internetz. You can say, “I read her back when…” And leave her some comment love while you’re there. You know bloggers adore the comment love (just don’t tell her I sent you.)

In case you missed those links:

Imperfect Happiness blog and NEW! RSS Feed

Imperfect Happiness Facebook Page

Do you follow a blog that is stalk-worthy? I’d love to hear from you

This post is totally unsolicited, of course. In fact, if I know IP, like only a blog stalker can, she would be embarrassed to know I was writing this. But, I had to. IP is that good.

Please note that this post is in no way meant to make light of real cyberstalking, which I know is a very serious issue. I hope that it is taken in the spirit of lightness that it is intended.

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March 19: updated to add RSS Feed Link and Twitter

11 thoughts on “I stalk Imperfect Happiness

  1. I love it that you share your mildly stalkerish love for another mama blogger. I checked her out and really liked Imperfect Happiness Blog.
    I couldn’t find her RSS, but will try to remember to visit again.

  2. Get her on twitter !!! I only read blog posts that have been tweeted and I checked of her blog its amazing buuuuut my phone sucks at bookmarks so yeah need tweets 🙂

  3. Oh my, Z! This is…wow! You’re right, I am a tad embarrassed, but also incredibly flattered. Thank you so much! Oh, and I’m not on Twitter because I’ve never really figured out what it is. And because I already have something of a Facebook addiction and I’m a little scared to add any other potentially habit-forming social media. I am, however, willing to consider any arguments you or others can offer in favor of me getting on Twitter.

    And I don’t think of you as stalkery, which either means your limit-setting is effective, or that, since I know you in real life, I know you’re on the up-and-up.

    • Heehee! Sorry if you were embarrassed. Judging by the number of people who checked your blog out and stuck around, it’s your own fault for writing so well 😉

      And, I broke my facebook habit because mobile facebook is so bad and I’m almost always online with my phone. Twitter and Google Reader are my vices. Although, I take a day or two offline entirely every month.

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