5 thoughts on “Wordless: Babywearing Grandmother. It’s all in the family

  1. Lovely! My mom thought I’d gone off the deep end when I told here we weren’t buying a stroller for the baby. But she wears him all the time (or did until he got too heavy for her!). We even got my dad to try the ring sling, and both aunties have taken him for many a nap in the carrier.

    I know they felt empowered by it because they didn’t have to hand him back to me as soon as he fussed. It gave them a tool to calm him down and so let them be caretakers instead of just playmates.

    My Grandma though… still refers to babywearing as “hooking him up in that… that THING”.

  2. I love it. : )
    I think my mother would run, not walk, in the opposite direction if I ever asked her to wear one of my kids. lol
    You got one great mom there.

  3. I love that picture. I’m the grandmother in it, and it is so bittersweet to see my 2nd grandson at that age. He’s grown so much but remains as adorable as ever. And yes, babywearing is fantastic!!!!

  4. That’s a great picture!
    We never could get the hang of babywearing. We tried several different styles…
    I love it though.
    And yeah for grandmothers!

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