When the Chitta Hits the Fan

Mount Fuji, Japan.

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I have been avoiding writing anything that is for this blog. I have been keeping to my goal of reading and writing something every day. None of it has been for outside my journal. I most especially do not want to write this post. But, it is this post that I need to write before anything else is going to come out of me in any sort of coherency.

There is so much going on in the world these days that is huge. Natural disasters, wars, and abuse seem like fodder for the press to whip people into a frenzy about until the stories can be dropped and the next one can be spun up. It all distracts from and detracts from reality.

I am very selective about how I receive my information. I read my news. I do not watch it. I use sources originating in several different countries. I don’t watch the talking heads on the television because news to me is overly sensationalized.

There’s too much vritti and too little substance.

I do not wish to hear speculation upon speculation for days on topics. That isn’t news. It’s hyped-up opinion. And too much of it sets my head spinning to worry and obsession. It is supposed to do that. It is supposed to keep me so upset and off balance that I won’t think critically. I won’t ask questions. I’ll be scared and need comfort. Comfort that can be sold to me.

New and improved chitta vritti, now with martenizing!

Or I can remain calm and try to avoid the natural tendency to rubberneck about the news. I can try to write something here that will not increase the inner feelings of panic and distraction that so many feel. Wallowing in chitta is disempowering. And if you think those news programs don’t want you in a disempowered, disconcerted state just before they go to commercial, than you don’t understand the news at all.

I am concentrating on what I can do. I worry for my Aunt who was traveling in Japan on vacation when the earthquake and tsunami hit and now can not leave. I don’t know what the current situation means for her future health. So, I am sending her as much power and love as I can.

I am sending thoughts of peace and health for those still living or those who have lost someone in several parts of the world right now because they are motherdaughtersisterwivefathersonbrotherhusbands like me. I send them support through money and meditation. I work with my family and friends to build a center of stability right here because this is my rock to cling to. Just as theirs is for them. Just as yours is for you. This is my Yoga.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sutra 1.2:

Yoga chitta vritti nirodaha: Yoga is the stillness of the fluctuations of the mind

Yoga = process of yoking or integration; union
chitta = of the consciousness of the mind
vritti = fluctuations, modifications, changes of the mind
nirodaha = control, regulation, channeling, mastery, integration, coordination, understanding, stilling, quieting, setting aside of


How do you get your news? Do you limit it in any way? How does it affect you peace of mind?

4 thoughts on “When the Chitta Hits the Fan

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I don’t even watch the news, I look up CNN.com or foxnews on my computer or phone… and then lie awake at night freaking out about danger and my children. I would read about abuse in wyoming, murder in boca, you name it. It was NOT healthy. I just have a mind and imagination that easily gets into information overload and I’ve been recently weaning myself from being so connected. I guess I too am starting to take control over how I receive my information – and it’s really freeing! (but hard to change)

    It’s funny, Darren slyly put this error message on my computer that comes up when I try to look at news sites:

    Are you absolutely sure that this is a page you would like to read? Will this be informative and affirming, or scary and needless?

    It’s actually been really helpful!

  2. I agree with you on the “watching the news” part. Anything with a crawl is too much for me, even with the sound off. And I remember back during the 2004 tsunami, I had to take a total news fast. I was pregnant and found any news to be too much for me, emotionally.

    I think my post today might be pretty much the opposite of yours. I admit, I’ve been getting rather caught up and opinionated. Proper for a blogger, I guess, but maybe not the most healthy for me.

    Lovely post, though, Z. A lot to think about.

  3. So true. I had to swear off watching the news around the time of the Bush/Kerry election. I just couldnt tolerate the bitterness it brought into my home.

  4. You are so right, my friend. My dh and I sometimes discuss how TV generally is like massive mind-control. Even the entertainment we glean from it controls the people, if you think about it. Without TV to turn to in the evenings, would many of us be sitting around discussing the state of world, thinking critically about it and coming up with ideas and actions for change? But alas, we usually watch our NCIS or Desperate Housewives instead. When we do watch “news,” it is hours upon hours of rehashing an event that they could have told us about in 10 minutes. It is disinformation at best, and scare-mongering at worst. No matter your political persuasion, you can find a television station to slant the news your way, to take a fact that it reports in one sentence and interpret it, embellish it, analyze it to the next “logical” step until you are completely panicked that your philosophies on life, religion, and politics are being attacked. Being a selective consumer of information and spending more time applying our beliefs to our actions would be such a better way to spend our time.

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