12 thoughts on “Wordless: Attached Babywearin’ Dad

  1. Tandem babywearing, no less! 🙂 I love your picture!

    Sam totally babywears. He preferred the fleece mei tai I made. He’d sometimes use the Ergo but didn’t like having to adjust the straps from how I had them for me. But he was also more likely to carry Mikko just in his arms (or on his shoulders, as above!) — and he still does. Even with Mikko at almost 4 years old & 44 pounds. Whereas I’ve mostly given up! 🙂

    I know it’s helped make them close, and I look forward to seeing him wear and carry our new baby.

    Great topic!

    • Thank you for your comment, Lauren. Oooh! A fleece mei tai that you made! Have you posted photos of it? I have a babyhawk meti tai that I love, too. I most often use my wraps or an ssc so that the straps don’t need adjusting as much while I’m wrangling the other kids. I always carry so low when I’m pregnant that I exclusively use wraps or pouches because anything around my waist made me instantly nauseous. At 44lbs, I don’t think I could stand up from kneeling if I were babywearing and pregnant like you are right now.

    • Thank you, Adrienne. Ooh, Snugli is on my wishlist. I’m not buying any more (well, maybe just a one…or two) but that’s definitely on my list. Feel free to link up your post when you do. I’d love to see yours in action

  2. What a great picture!
    We only have one and we tried baby wearing, but never got the hang of it.
    She has often sat on daddy’s shoulders like that, though.

  3. @Melissa I’ll take the muscle man who babywears as well, myself. 😀

    R wore the Fierce Beast some when she was bitty, and B wears her in an Ergo still. It helps that she’s so tiny.

  4. J wears from time to time. He uses the Moby if the baby is little enough; if the baby’s bigger, he’ll use the SSC. When he does, I makes sure to tell him how sexy it is! 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, Katie. The Moby is our goto if we’re going to bring just one carrier with us because we both can use it easily plus we can carry any of the boys (even the almost 50lber for a short while) I love my wraps, though. Which SSC do you have for the bigger baby? We sometimes use the Patapum. And yes, SEXY! All it needs is a kitchen backdrop with yummy food cooking and clean dishes 😉

  5. That is such a sweet photo. I always get so warm and fuzzy when I see a daddy who loves his smalls so much. ❤ Far more manly than a muscle man.

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