This Week’s Warm Link Hugs: May 22

I have an addiction to my Google Reader. So to justify it, I’m sharing some of my favorite blog posts and articles that I’ve come across. I’m joining it up with Authentic Parenting’s Sunday Surf.

So, loosen up your clicking fingers and please share your comment love to my warmest link hugs:

Steady Mom asks whether you were told to stand your ground as a parent and treat parenting as a battle you have to win in: Questioning the Win or Lose Parenting Myth

As a busy homeschooling mom of 3, doula, and midwifery student, On Call Mama has a lot of experience with juggling responsibilities and meeting everyone’s needs to the best of her ability. I always enjoy her perspectives on life and parenting since she has to get herself clear on what she believes. She doesn’t have time to be wishy-washy. This week, she eloquently expresses her views on women and birth. It’s an empowering perspective that I agree with in Clearing Up My Perspective

I’ve been having trouble meeting my needs for reading and writing lately and it’s bothering me. I can’t seem to find enough time when I’m coherent to write and haven’t yet come up with a solution for that. Fortunately, Imperfect Happiness always seems to be psychically linked to my brain (there’s a reason I’m stalking her after all) She came up with some ideas that I’m going to implement along with a reality check in: Us or Them: Six Tips for Meeting Mom’s Needs

Judgment of parenting is ubiquitous. You can’t get away from it. Everyone has an opinion and they’re not afraid to share it. Artist of Being Alive discusses judgment and self-reflection in this quietly powerful piece Hey You, Mom…You’re Doing It All Wrong

It drives me nuts that once I crossed over to size 16, the mainstream clothing stores, especially for basics like jeans and tops, were happy to take my money online but I wasn’t welcome to buy in their stores anymore. Once I became pregnant, it was even worse. Raising My Boychick has this NEWSFLASH! Fat People Get Pregnant, Need Clothes

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Did you make to the end? If you’ve got a List of Favorite Links that you blog, feel free to link it up below in the comments section!

I love comments and try to reply to each one. I look forward to connecting with you. Namaste

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