Letter to Littles: May 2011

Letters to Littles

Letters to Littles

Inspired by Sausage Mama, I am writing a monthly letter to my children. I hope to capture these moments in time because they go so quickly. To quote Amber Strocel, “blink and you miss it.” (two great, positive blogs, please check them out)

I hope you will join me in writing a monthly letter to your children and linking it up here. Feel free to grab the badge for your website and let me know when you post so I can add you to the list of participants.

Dear Little Buddhas,

Nat at Kata

Nat at Kata


You’re 4y 10m old now. 46.4lbs. 43 & 1/4″ tall. I am continually impressed by your poise and drive to do things that challenge you. This month, you participated in your first Kata, or Jujitsu tournament, and you performed on-stage in your ballet recital. To be so young and yet be able to perform because you love it, even when you are nervous or frightened, is amazing. You and your partner took first place in your age division at the kata. And you were a boy amidst a sea of pink-clad ballerinas at the ballet recital, and some of those girls were not very kind, I was sad to hear.

You loved your medal, but were kind to all the other participants in a way that showed a grace beyond your years. I am hopeful our values of compassion and courtesy are something you value within yourself. I liked how you approached everything with a playful attitude and had fun with it all. You dad and I are not ones to push you into doing anything. I think you push yourself just to see if you can do it.

I’m trying to scale back our activities because of research about the importance of unstructured play. But, you love all the activities you are doing as “Jedi training.” So, I’ll continue to be guided by you.

Gan Surprised

Gan Surprised


You’re 2y 9m old now. 30lbs. 35 & 3/4″ tall. The end of two years and the beginning of three is an interesting time. I see you vacillating between fierce independence and sweet affection. I see you feeling frustrated by things you are still too little to do and delighted by trying them anyway. I just wish it came with fewer bumps on the noggin, for my own sake. But, I have the feeling you’re a bump-on-the-noggin person for life. We’ll see.

I’ve continued to back way off and give you lots of space. It’s hard for me because I tend to project my own abandonment fears on you. But, you’ve responded with greater connection to me. I love how creative you are at finding ways to do things that avoid the possibility of hearing “no.” I’m trying to consider every request you make seriously, even when you want to cut your own food with the big knives or paint the walls. The knives I have been allowing under close supervision because you are meticulously careful and the painting we worked out a compromise by hanging paper on the wall.




You are 10mo now. 24.6lbs, 28.5″ tall. 5 or 6 teeth (not that you’ll let me check thoroughly) Dude! Slow down! I asked you to wait to walk on your own until your dad got back home and you did thank goodness. But, you’re about to do it. You have taken a step or two and you stand up, squat down, stand up without holding onto anything (tip from mum: hold onto that core strength as you grow up)

I’ve never had a climber before and it’s both fascinating and terrifying to watch. you keep getting yourself on top of furniture and then getting upset until someone comes along to help you down. You went swimming for the first time this month and couldn’t get enough. You were so busy laughing and splashing that we had to hold you back from going underwater with your mouth wide open in delight. I feel so blessed to be around you because of your pure delight at new experiences.

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms


My baby girl, you would be 3y 8m old now. I think I’m the only person who thinks of you daily, just like your brothers are always on my mind. I am sometimes glad for all I have learned in loving and missing you in this special way because I’ve learned how to be with grief. It has helped me be more comfortable with other people who are going through tough periods. I understand that it isn’t necessary to say or do, but just to be there.

Smile Like You Mean It

Smile Like You Mean It

May is always a busy month. There’s Mother’s Day and my birthday to celebrate. There seem to be a lot of events and activities going on that I usually just want to stay home and enjoy quiet time together on those two days when I’m supposed to be in charge of picking what we do. I cherish the times when we just snuggle-bug together with a good book or five.

Even though I rarely feel worthy of the responsibility of being your mum, selfishly I wouldn’t give it up because I enjoy you all so much. If you ever stop making me laugh out loud, we can renegotiate our deal, okay?


Yo’ mama
May, 2011

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9 thoughts on “Letter to Littles: May 2011

  1. I’m late for May, but here I am. I just love your boys and your dear sweet girl.
    I’m amazed at how everyone seems to be doing so well and growing up so much in your home.
    They all have light and joy in their faces.
    Here’s my link:

    I send people here to link to all other letters, but I wonder if I should list the participating blogs too…
    What do you think? What do you prefer?

  2. I always enjoy reading your letters to littles! It even inspired me to write and post my own letter to my son on his birthday, which, as luck would have it, was the same day as you posted your letter!

  3. Just lovely. I think it’s beautiful that you write to your sweet baby girl too. And I just love the gorgeous curls on your boys! Such a beautiful family.

  4. Oh Zoie your littles are SO beautiful! It’s so fun to read what you have to share about their adventures and personalities – and see your adorable pictures!

    Daddy wants to have Bean in Jujitsu when she’s old enough – he was happy to hear about Nat. 🙂 Your youngest and mine are only a month apart…and they sound very similar – she has attempted to climb the huge dog crate more than once and we have to keep a sharp eye to make sure she doesn’t succeed! I keep telling her to slow down, too…

    I’m proud of what you’re doing with Gan…I know for myself it can be hard at times (and easy at others) to follow their lead and trust them…

    I hope the memories and thoughts of your little girl bring you peace…

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family, mama!

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