Wordless: Birth Bonding Brothers

I’ve been blessed to have all my babies at home and my boys have been there to see their younger siblings being born. Inspired by Hobo Mama’s beautiful Wordless last week, I’m sharing a few of the moments immediately after the births of ds2: Gan and ds3: Bud as their big brothers bond with them.

Nat watches Gan

ds1 Nat watches ds2 Gan just after birth

Nat and Gan with Bud

ds1 Nat and ds2 Gan watch baby Bud

Nat and Gan kiss Bud

Nat and Gan about to move in for a kiss-fest on Bud

Gan hugs Bud

Gan hugs Bud and talks about seeing his birth

There’s a truly singular bond that each of the boys have with one another. It is a unique relationship between each of them, separate from anything else. I think much of it has to do with being present during the births of their siblings.

Do you have photos or stories of your children bonding after birth? I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Wordless: Birth Bonding Brothers

  1. That really is a gorgeous set of pics…and what sweet boys you have!

    Yes, I have some wonderful bonding pics of my boys, too…Some of them were at NPN for a skin to skin piece that I wrote about their bonding experience. Its pretty amazing to see that pure love blossom.

    Thanks for sharing those tender moments!

  2. I cannot get over how adorable they are – thank you once again for giving me my smiles and warm fuzzies for the morning! 😀

    I just love to see that bonding between brothers…I can’t wait to have my own experiences with that to share!

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