This Week’s Warm Link Hugs: June 5

I have an addiction to my Google Reader. So to justify it, I’m sharing some of my favorite blog posts and articles that I’ve come across. I’m joining it up with Authentic Parenting’s Sunday Surf.

So, loosen up your clicking fingers and please share your comment love to my warmest link hugs:

The baby and I were sick this week, so I haven’t been keeping up with my reading. This will be short and sweet. That way, you have extra time to work on your post for the Mindful Mama Carnival, right?

I am always looking for things to do with that styrofoam stockpile in my garage. I refuse to toss it because of its environmental impact, but there’s not a huge use for it elsewhere. I found some hobbyists on freecycle who were happy to take some of the large pieces and I’ve used them to cushion items while moving. So, when I came across this craft, I was ecstatic: Daddy & Son Castle Creating What a great reuse! I’ll have to start looking at the shapes we have for more inspiration.


And another great reuse craft. My husband drinks Mexican Cokes, you know, the kind in the glass bottles with real sugar instead of HFCS? Yes, well, I have a huge collection of bottle caps and bottles that we use for all sorts of things, but the bottle caps have taken over a bit as his soda habit outpaces my creativity. I’m going to get the kids and their hammers, those bottle caps & various bibs & bobs to Make a Music Stick


My boys spontaneously picked up their toys and made them into guns. I just happens and, being a hippy mama, I said that I didn’t like guns. I forgot a big parenting rule, “If you want something repeated a million times a day, express your displeasure about it.” (I’ll use this idea when the kids are teens and “discover” The Beatles 😉  So, the guns were inevitably a favorite and asking mom whether she liked guns ran a close second. I got tired of it and was pushed to be a good sport. So, I change it up, got playful, and read this: Bang! Bang! You’re Dead! Now, they play with guns, but I don’t worry about it and they’re just one of a number of choices for freeplaytime.


By now, I think most are familiar with the fact that Facebook has been deleting breastfeeding photos and doesn’t seem to care that there are a lot of protests about their inconsistent policies. There are many, many more photos of sexualized breasts on Facebook  that seem to hang around, but the moment a child is attached to eat, they’re taken down as offensive. Dagmare Bleasdale says show them breastfeeding is beautiful and asks you to link up in her post, Take That, Facebook: Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos


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Did you make to the end? If you’ve got a List of Favorite Links that you blog, feel free to link it up below in the comments section!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Warm Link Hugs: June 5

  1. Every week I fully intend to visit all these posts. I just love the wonderful things you find. I’m trying again. I just have to stop falling asleep with my little one at 8 o’clock!

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