My Name is Zoie

This post is what has been rending my guts to get out. Making this public is my road to recovery.


I also need to feel safe.


I cannot stress this enough: I have authorized a neutral person to screen replies. I will not see them. I will not accept or allow those people in my life who have known me as a child, to make my story about them. I will not read or respond to messages that have anything to to do with making this about you.


I will repeat this for those who have trouble hearing it: This is my story. This is my truth. This is my journey. It is not about you. I will neither read nor reply to any responses that attempt to make this healing path about you.


***Trigger warning: This video mentions child abuse. Please be gentle with your boundaries and do not watch if you might be triggered by words about childhood abuse.


22 thoughts on “My Name is Zoie

  1. Thank you for your bravery, and for sharing your story and self (and for all that you share always). I know it is not easy. I’m holding you in my heart. It is so good that you are healing now on your own unique journey. It is an important process and someday this will all be easier in certain ways (even though it is hard to believe or imagine). Though, I don’t think the pain ever fully goes away. But, you gain a depth of feeling and authenticity of self and all of that (as I’m sure you are discovering). I hope that as you share, you will find support all around you! I know it is not easy… I can see from what you wrote. Just know that you have my support. All of us here support you with loving kindness. I wish for healing in every way that is possible. And just a reminder that your feelings are good and ok and no one gets to tell you otherwise, so feel away and face it and let it out in whatever ways are most helpful to you and your new family that you have grown in love. I hope this was helpful. I am happy to hear that you have a support network around you.

  2. sending much love into the universe for you. (and all victims of abuse) May you heal fully in your own time. May you know unconditional love and safety. May your world be one of comfort and trust and truth. You are in my thoughts.

  3. Big Hugs to you my friend! You are very courageous to share your story. Sending Loving energy to help you as you heal!!

  4. This happened to my mom. My grandmother did not believe her and didn’t tell anyone about it. The abuse (by an uncle) continued at family gatherings. It simultaneously infuriates me and breaks my heart to think about it for her and for you (for anyone, really). I believe it was the driving force behind my parent’s divorce when I was a junior in high school. I am certain that their divorce changed my younger brothers (not in a good way).

    It is good to hear that you are handling your past and I am certain that you are going to come out on the other side as a stronger, more powerful person.

    *sending many loving hugs your way*

  5. You are far from alone now, Zoie. In fact, you reach more people than I think you even realize, and you give so much love and healing energy to those of us lucky to be around you (even those of us currently far away physically). All that you have endured, and all the self-discovery you have been through, has brought you to where you are now. I am in awe of your strength, resilience and love. Your family is truly blessed to have you, as are all folks lucky enough to have you as a friend. Hugs from here…

  6. Zoie, YOU ARE LOVED NOW and ALWAYS! I admire you for your strength and so very proud of you to share this with the world. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Big hugs to you brave momma!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear this, my friend. I hope your healing journey is gaining momentum, and you know I’m always here.

  8. You said something so painful and still made it somehow beautiful. You are light and beauty and my heart is so full of love for you. I wish I could go back in time and wrap you up in love and safety, to comfort you and protect you.
    The light in your children’s eyes burns so brightly. I know you’ve given them everything. You’ve made light out of darkness. That’s sort of Goddess level alchemy if you ask me.
    huge hugs and love to you.

  9. My tears are falling for you Zoie…and wishing I could give you a huge hug. It’s not right and it’s not fair that you had to go through that.

    Happy that you are finding your healing and redemption – you are beautiful and loved mama.

  10. You are amazing! I know what it takes to let these things out and I am proud of you for doing so.

  11. Thank you for being brave.

    You and my big sister have similar stories. I was terrified to learn that it was so close to home. As more people come forward with similar stories, I wonder just how pervasive this is. My sister got help through therapy and she became her own self.

    I hope your story is similar to my sister’s in that respect.

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