The Key To Everything

While I am away from my blog, I am honored to showcase a group of talented writers who have stepped forward with their unique voices in support. Every guest writer who is featured here is one that I strongly suggest you follow. Today, I am please to share with you this guest post from Teresa from Mom Grooves and Rock Paper Trees Blog. I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop by her blog and leave some comment love.

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What are you wishing was working better in your life? Do you wish your spiritual practice was more advanced? Do you want to open up your psychic abilities or healing abilities? Do you want to have better communication skills? Do you want to feel more grounded and connected to your life and your loved ones? Do you want more personal power in this world?

I believe that the starting place for any growth or success and the key to everything you need to be more present and contented in your life is to Trust Your Instincts.

When we learn to feel and to trust our feelings, then we can trust our own guidance, our own “knowing”, to lead us. Personal Integrity follows naturally. Integrity is defined as “the quality or state of being complete.” The only way to be whole or complete is to feel and trust in the entire spectrum of who we are and what we feel and think, believe and desire. Of course, before we can trust in who we are, we have to allow ourselves to know who we are.

For the most part, we are not taught to trust our instincts. In fact, we are not taught to register them at all. Even worse is the common experience of learning to deny what we really feel, what we know to be true.

Every time we accept someone else’s reality over our own, we lose something. Maybe it’s part of ourselves we lose or it’s just our power and ability to be centered that is compromised. We learn to anchor and to center with other rather than ourselves. This can be disastrous.

What we need to develop is what was ours to begin with- the ability to know, to allow ourselves to feel and sense what is true for us. Even at the level of our physical bodies we have learned not to listen. We are not taught to register our smaller pains or discomforts, our feelings and sensations. For the most part, we’re taught to override anything we can possibly bear and forge ahead in our lives, our careers, our jobs. And it is only when our bodies break down in one way or another that we finally attend to them. This same phenomenon is true at the spiritual and emotional levels of our existence. However, it is also true that we can re-train ourselves to register our feelings, our instincts. Only with that information can we make our choices, whatever they might be, and remain true to ourselves.

The Key

The Key

Start with this simple exercise. The next time something happens that you would immediately discount as “nothing” or your imagination or coincidence, just allow for the possibility that it might be something. Allow yourself, for just a moment even, to imagine you might know who’s calling, or what was going to happen next. If you feel uneasy in a situation, play with the idea that maybe you are very wise and there is good reason. Then you might be able to gather more information. It will just come. It’s that easy.

At some quiet point in your day or during your meditation practice try just knowing everything. Believe that you do know what you want for your life, that you can sense what is best for you in any situation. And then entitle yourself to act on that knowledge. This is still in the privacy of your meditation, but if you practice allowing this belief and sense of knowing, then eventually you will start to feel it in your normal life, in small ways, in big ways. And then you can choose whether to act on your intuition and instinct or not to. But at least now you will have the choice because you are tuned in and you have all the information.

Teresa’s tip: I love to practice all kinds of these things while exercising. I do cardio on an elliptical, but it’s great during a walk or run or hike too.

What will you do today to validate your own truth and give yourself permission to KNOW?

Teresa writes about her life as a mom, just figuring it out as she goes along, and trying to teach her daughter compassion and how to be empowered to be whatever she came into this life to be. Also, the balancing act of manifesting her artistic and spiritual selves as she finally has the courage and inspiration… without much time. She blogs at Mom Grooves and Rock Paper Tree’s Blog. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

4 thoughts on “The Key To Everything

  1. LOVE this post Teresa!

    “For the most part, we are not taught to trust our instincts. In fact, we are not taught to register them at all. Even worse is the common experience of learning to deny what we really feel, what we know to be true.” – to my mind this is one of the greatest tragedies of our age, and it wasn’t until I became a parent that I really started to recognize how much we are taught to deny our instinct and what we know is true.

    I believe it’s turned into a vicious cycle of people actually hurting their children without intending to – the message is given so strongly to ignore the cries, to not hold too much, they are manipulating you, etc., etc. – and it is ingrained within us to listen to and heed those ‘authority figures’ outside of ourselves.

    I wish so strongly that more of us could have the freedom to follow our hearts above anything else – and sincerely appreciate your words on this subject. It’s a message that needs to be heard more often…

  2. Thank you so much for this! I am absolutely in agreement when it comes to the value of intuition, and yet I tend to discredit myself and ignore my own. These words were precisely what I needed today!

    • I’m so glad it resonated with you, Melissa! Those words, “discredit myself” are powerful, aren’t they? As I read them, I feel tired. I want more for you and for all of us. We do Know, We are Wise and Our Intuition and Hearts will never let us down.
      I hope you do have a wonderful day and thank you again for reading and commenting.

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