Little Widsom: Ten Life Lessons from a Baby

While I am away from my blog, I am honored to showcase a group of talented writers who have stepped forward with their unique voices in support. Every guest writer who is featured here is one that I strongly suggest you follow. Today, I am pleased to share with you this guest post from Dave at Folkabout Baby. I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop by his blog and leave some comment love.

Babies Are Wiser Than We Know

Babies Are Wiser Than We Know

Becoming a father has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I’ve grown so much as a person, both through the process of parenting, and thanks to lessons from my baby.

The following list describes ten teachings my baby has given me.

  1. Babies have no concept of fear

    Even though everything is brand new to them, they still approach life with gusto. They don’t let the risk of failure stop them from trying for success.

  2. Babies stop crying once their needs are met

    Once they have what they want, they let go of their unhappiness. They focus on the joy of the present instead of anything negative in the past.

  3. Babies know the power of a smile

    They charm everyone they meet, just by making their face into a certain shape. They realise that radiating joy is the best way to accomplish their goals.

  4. Babies can relax anywhere

    Though they love a nice warm lap, babies aren’t picky about where they relax. Instead of needing a specific set of external conditions, they’re comfortable in their inner contentment.

  5. Babies explore everything

    Using all their senses, babies devour the world around them. Everything is new to them, and everything is worthy of investigation.

  6. Babies explore everything again

    They’re not satisfied with tasting something just once. They keep coming back to it, exploring it in different moods and at different times of day.

  7. Babies keep trying until they get it right

    They don’t let the first hundred failures stop them: they know that the hundred and first try is the key.

  8. Babies have very simple desires

    Love, food, shelter: babies don’t need very much to be happy.

  9. Babies don’t make distinctions between friends and strangers

    Everyone deserves a smile, from Mom and Dad to the old lady on the corner. Babies don’t need to accept someone as a friend in order to love them.

  10. Babies know the joy of movement

    Life is a dance for babies, even before they can walk or crawl. They take simple pleasure in moving their faces and limbs, always stretching and growing.

What has your baby taught you about life? How have they helped you to become a better person?

Dave Higgs-Vis is a father, a husband, a blogger, and a chef. If you enjoyed this post, you can find more like it at Folkabout Baby, a parenting blog dedicated to helping you to become a better parent and raise happier children. He’s also on Twitter as @FolkaboutBaby.

4 thoughts on “Little Widsom: Ten Life Lessons from a Baby

  1. My baby has taught me to get outside and move, all the time, all the time!

    And, to pick things up off the floor (or they’ll get shredded, eaten, smashed or hidden), and to put away the dishes (or they’ll get pulled down and smashed).

    And, to pack snacks, and plan rest breaks.

    And, to laugh at myself.

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