Book Review: Namaste!

Book Review: Namaste!

Namaste! Book Cover

Namaste! Book

It’s Book Sharing Monday from Smiling Like Sunshine! We read a lot of books in this family and I love hearing from other parents when they come across a book that their kids liked. So, I’m going to be adding weekly posts about books that my kids recommend. Feel free to share any you’ve come across that might be a nice complement to the one I’m reviewing.


Written by Diana Cohn

Illustrated by Amy Cordova


This book follows along with a day in the life of Nima, a girl in a Tibetan village on Chomolongma, the mountain we call Everest. Her father is a Sherpa who goes away for long trips. Before her Nima’s father leaves, he asks her to find a way to help make the world a happier place.

Nima walks to school with her mother, who tells her, “When you say Namaste! try to see the special spark of light that shines within every person’s heart.” Nima encounters many beings on her way to school: a tired group of porters; a herd of yaks; a group of travelers; and Tenzing, a trader who is a friend of her father. She honors each with the greeting, “Namaste.” She learns that by greeting others in this way, she is bringing happiness to the world around her.


The illustrations are brightly colored and cheerful. The words in the book flow well and add to the feeling of peace. There is a glossary at the end explaining all of the Tibetan terms used in the book.


I enjoy how this books brings alive the meaning of Namaste: the light within me sees the light within you. It’s slow pace give a feel for a simpler, more connected way of living in harmony with the people, animals, and environment around you. It depicts life in Tibet, which my kids were interested to locate on the map. I liked the interest it sparked in my children about honoring everyone around them and they understand what it means to say, “Namaste” to someone.


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