Letter to Littles: September 2011

Letters for Littles

Inspired by Sausage Mama, I am writing a monthly letter to my children. I hope to capture these moments in time because they go so quickly. To quote Amber Strocel, “blink and you miss it.” (two great, positive blogs, please check them out)

I hope you will join me in writing a monthly letter to your children and linking it up here. Feel free to grab the badge for your website and let me know when you post so I can add you to the list of participants.

Dear Little Buddhas,

The LuvHa, The BuddHa, and the FashionistHa

The LuvHa, The BuddHa, and the FashionistHa

I took a few extra days this month to write this letter to you for a couple of reasons. The first is because we’ve been enjoying ourselves so completely with homeschooling activities that I haven’t had time or inclination to reflect on them. It has been more fun being present and in the flow. I sometimes make the mistake of thinking, “I need to remember this moment” instead of actually being in the moment with you. This month has been much more of those special moments together. The other reason is that I am changing how I write these public letters so that they will be less about your personal information and more about my thoughts about them. I want to balance your privacy with this project.

I think about what I would like to read about from when I was a kid and I would enjoy both the milestones and quirks of my childhood, but I would also like to hear from those around me. So, the first will be a monthly letter privately and the second will be here publicly.

So, without further ado…

This first full month of “official” homeschooling has been an adventure in letting go of expectations and embracing trust. Every time I think of you and your amazing minds, I feel entirely confident that we are doing the right thing for your educations. You have all been voracious learners since birth, so why should that change simply because we are directing studies toward specific goals. Every time I think of myself and my abilities to support you in your education, I freak out entirely. I have so many expectations and assumptions from my own experiences with formal schooling that I could never live up to them, nor should I. They would never work in a homeschooling environment anyway. But, it is taking me awhile to deschool my own mind.

Aside from my ADHDistractedness and organizational challenges, if I keep focusing on your intelligence and passion for learning, I will eventually relax into rhythm with you. And it helps to remember that you are learning constantly, with everything you do.

I’m an only child. I’ve never seen the interactions between siblings this intimately. I find it equally fascinating and frightening. I like that there is an independent relationship between each of you that has little to do with me. Being present to observe how you interact is a gift, even when it makes me uncomfortable or involves biting :/

Siblings Sharing A Moment Just for Them

Siblings Sharing A Moment Just for Them

And speaking of the constantly changing relationships and emotions, I want to express my gratitude for how you each handle situations when one of your brothers is melting down or angry. You understand when they need space or extra attention from mom and dad. You make way for them, are careful to hold that individual connection with one another tight, and are the kind of friend I would be honored to have in my life. I suppose that is the heart of being a sibling.

Finally, this month was the anniversary of Sar’s stillbirth. I do call it a birthday, instead of the more stilted “anniversary” observation. It has been four years, but it still feels so present and alive within me. I have recovered many childhood memories this year that have taught me much about what it means to remember pain that will forever remain fresh and bleeding. Learning that grieving and letting go is not a betrayal, but an act of complete love.


Yo’ mama
September, 2011

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