Letter to Littles: October 2011

Letters for Littles

Inspired by Sausage Mama, I am writing a monthly letter to my children. I hope to capture these moments in time because they go so quickly. To quote Amber Strocel, “blink and you miss it.” (two great, positive blogs, please check them out)

I hope you will join me in writing a monthly letter to your children and linking it up here. Feel free to grab the badge for your website and let me know when you post so I can add you to the list of participants.

Dear Little Buddhas,

This month’s theme is “looking for moments of gratitude.” I am grateful for so many moments this month. It has been wonderful sifting through those moments this months. I feel happy remembering all that has happened with you.

My moments of gratitude with Nat:

  1. Watching you in your homeschool Lego engineering class and observing how you manage the chaos of the group and the challenge of the builds.
  2. Seeing how you worked out a disagreement with another child on your own to your mutual satisfaction. Even though you felt that you had been wronged, you tried words and listening.
  3. Every hug, every kiss, every kind word you give with your whole heart. I don’t really mind the ones given in order to receive something. I’ll take what I can get with my whole heart.
  4. The “Thank you, Mama” I received when I said, “I have a new homeschool math activity for you.” I adore that you enjoy school so much and hope we can keep you passion for learning intact.
  5. Hearing your laughter as you get more of the jokes in our dvds. You’re maturing so quickly.

My moments of gratitude with Gan:

  1. Your very soft, “Mama? I love you.” That you say whenever you’re feeling the need for some connection.
  2. The pile-driving snuggles in bed in the morning. I love that you carve out time first thing for just you.
  3. Our weekly one on one time together that we have scheduled. I realized that you plan for it ahead of time and look forward to it. The dynamics are very different when we’re alone.
  4. Hearing your excitement when you built a pyramid and recognized it as such.
  5. That you decided not to cut your hair for awhile. How much do I adore your ringlets? More than I can say.

My moments of gratitude with Bud:

  1. Watching how trusting you are of someone touching you, even when you’re unsure about them. You know when you’re with your family that you can take that leap over your fear.
  2. That you already refuse to go to sleep unless read to enough. Ha! We hooked another one!
  3. How much you love eating. You adore your mama milk and haven’t met a solid food you don’t like, yet. It’s wonderful to see you dig in or latch on with gusto.
  4. Your signs for some of your favorite things: “more,” “all done,” “food,” “outside,” “shower,” “bath,” and “mama milk.” Although, you speak many approximations of words so clearly, these are the signs you use along with your words to express their importance.
  5. That your accident this month did not cause permanent damage and you are healing beautifully. This alone could take up every moment of gratitude going forward and backward!


Yo’ mama
October, 2011

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