Guest Post at Hobo Mama: Halloween Freedoom of Choice

Hobo Mama: A Natural Parenting Blog

Today, I am honored to share a guest post on Hobo Mama, entitled:
Halloween Freedom of Choice

Here’s a sneak peak:

The awareness that their son had of the impact that just seeing a Nazi uniform would have on others convinced me that these parents approached this decision in the best way for both their son and their family. He knew full well the power of this symbol of evil. It was more frightening than any ghoul or goblin because it represents what we fear most of all — ourselves. The Nazi uniform pushes on the most tolerant of people in a way that forces them to confront human evil. And whether a person is aware of it or not, we all recognize that potential in us all. And it is something that should never be forgotten, or it will happen again.

I look at my sons who are younger and see the potential in them for conscious, compassionate consideration for others — if it is what they are given consistently. I already see the way they care about the feelings of others and value cooperation over individual ego most of the time.

I also know history and recognize that Nazis were also other mothers’ sons who were loved (or not) and nurtured (or not). It is terrifying to me to be confronted with the truth that we are all human and cannot be written off as simply evil or simply good. It is the most frightening thing I could think of….(read more)

Please stop by and read more of my guest post at Hobo Mama.

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