This Week’s Warm Link Hugs: 13 November 2011

I have an addiction to my Google Reader. So to justify it, I’m sharing some of my favorite blog posts and articles that I’ve come across. I’m joining it up with Authentic Parenting’s Sunday Surf.

This month’s Carnival of Natural Parenting was “Kids in the Kitchen.” I’m slowly making my way through the posts and have been thoroughly enjoying each one. There is much to learn and share opinions on from recipes, to child safety, to baby led weaning, to getting picky eaters to gnosh on healthy treats. I highly recommend browsing through them…(read more here)

I strive to make my default answer “yes!” to anything my kids ask of me. If it’s something I can’t just say an unqualified yes, to, I look for the yes in the no. I get asked often how I can parent without being a push-over. It’s not about “giving in” to everything. It’s a fundamentally different approach to relationship with your kids. The Accidental Natural Mama shares how this approach works in “No,” Clarified. Aha! Parenting has this great post about what is behind the “no” and the “yes” that parents do use effectively in 10 Secrets Every Parent Needs to Know about Saying No.

Who else found their tight abs had turned into a jelly belly after being pregnant? The core is the center of strength both emotionally and physically. After birth, it can seem like you’re working with a stranger’s tummy. Dude, Where’s My Core? by Sophie at Elephant Journal talks about the experience of looking for that accustomed strength and finding that instead she must learn a new way to get access to her power.

I’ve long been interested in the theories about how a child inhabits their body. I think of them being in the womb, where the environment is such that there’s little to indicate to them where their body ends and where the fluid, and their mother’s body, begins. Anyone who has observed the expressiveness of a baby’s feet can see that it begins at the bottom and works its way up. Hybrid Rasta Mama has begun an exceptional series on Chakras and Child Development. In Part1 and Part 2, she begins at the root chakra and explains the characteristics, symptoms of imbalances, and ways to support the child to embody their energy sources. I’m looking forward to part 3.

A couple of my favorite bloggers have teamed up again. Melissa from Vibrant Wanderings has this guest post on Hobo Mama, entitled Handling Parenting Differences with Grace, Sometimes. This is one of those posts I wish I had read when I was a new mom. It gives confidence to live with your authentic parenting self, even if you’re not entirely confident what that is, while still honoring where other families may be. It can be especially challenging to figure out how much to share and how much to keep to yourself when you’re going to spend time with parents who have a different parenting philosophy.

You might know how I feel about spanking. I believe there is never an acceptable time to spank. I’m not absolute on many issues, but spanking falls into the class of abuse for me. I was so incensed by an incident that I witnessed last spring that I tweeted about it,  Kelly Hogaboom and several other bloggers helped my write about spanking on Spank Out Day. With the recent stories about the judge who was recorded beating his daughter, there has been a resurfacing of the spanking arguments online. Kelly at KellyNaturally has a comprehensive argument about why Spanking Your Child is Not Okay. If you haven’t checked out either of these two Kelly’s blogs, please do. They’re both a treasure trove of gentle parenting posts.

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Did you make to the end? If you’ve got a List of Favorite Links that you blog, feel free to link it up below in the comments section!

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One thought on “This Week’s Warm Link Hugs: 13 November 2011

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my article, Zoie. There’s some really great stuff here that I’m glad you shared, and I’m especially interested in the bit about the core/source of power. My physical core certainly is not what it used to be … off to take a look at that!

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