Mindful Parenting: Personal Mission Statement

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Erin from It’s Ok and Alicia from McCrenshaw’s Newest Thoughts have created a Mindful Parenting Collaboration. Every week for the next 40 weeks, they will be exploring a topic from the original Mindful Parenting Challenge from The Parenting Passageway. They have asked anyone who is interested to join them in them in the activities. This Challenge is something I have wanted to do since I first came across it when Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama participated in the original challenge. I needed 2 of my favorite bloggers to kick me in the booty and start participating. I hope you will join us. They say you’re never too late to participate.

The first challenges involve “inner work;” meaning, get clear about your own issues as the parent before you try to tackle any changes. To begin, they have asked everyone to answer a series of questions in order to create a personal mission statement. You can find the details on the first topic of Inner Work, along with a linky and resources to help you get started here.

One of the things I liked about creating this was that several times, it was mentioned that mission statements are fluid. You are not meant to create it and then stick it in a drawer. You are supposed to keep it out and look at it all the time; update, delete, and change things if they no longer ring true for you. This continuing refinement helped take the pressure off myself to create something perfect right off the bat. Also, I like the idea of looking at it often because it helps me stay mindful about my goals, especially when I get tripped up in daily stresses.

I’m hoping to approach my husband about creating a family mission statement with the kids, such as the one Jazzy Mama created. I think hanging it on the kitchen wall would be useful for us to increase those things that bring more joy and love.

  Personal Mission Statement

  • What do you feel called to do and to be?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What were you passionate about before you had kids?
  • What are two strengths that you have?
  • How could you use these two strengths?
  • How does your homemaking and raising a beautiful family fit into doing something for the rest of the world?
  • What are the things you model for your children that you are most proud of?
  • If you had to name three things that are your top values, what would they be?

My entire life, I have been consumed with trying to understand where opinions that deny life come from. I consider bigotry, intolerance, and hatred ideas that deny life. Ideas and actions that promote peace, union, and understand promote life. This hatred was something so alien to my nature that I can distinctly remember the times I encountered each incident that broadened my understanding of it, like dots on a graph. Even before I had the understanding to articulate what I was experiencing, I remember the bewilderment I would feel when meeting actions or words of  hatred or intolerance. The losses and deaths that happened to loved ones, but were referenced by others in ways that denied the value of the experiences and understanding.

I came across the idea awhile back that I wanted to be the kind of person around whom someone could feel that their circle of being had been expanded. There are so many people I encounter that are draining of energy, but very few whom I leave feeling better about myself because I was with them. I hope to be the type of person that can help increase another’s sphere of being and give them a crack in their defenses to allow love and light into their heart wherever they need it.

To that end, I feel passionately called to being a parent for my children and partner for my husband. I feel passionate about practicing Yoga and learning about philosophy, political science, and personal relationships. I want to understand how we communicate on every level in order to give my children support to grow into their authentic selves.

I believe in connecting with other people wherever they may be on their own path and helping them, if they allow it, to walk their own path with support and assurance that they can do so with kindness and compassion for everyone.

Creating a space for others to find their own way to affirm life is my central passion.

I include myself in this space. I have to do my own work to get clear and confident to receive love in order to give to others.

Two strengths that I have are the ability to face difficult things and to focus on the people around me. I can use those two strengths to try to weed out my own self-delusions

When I was younger, I wanted to go into politics to change the world for the better. I thought of becoming a mediator or better yet, someone who helped the mediators research and write speeches for creating peace. As I’ve grown older, I see that I am someone who creates greater change by being than by doing.

Since uncovering memories of a not so perfect childhood, I have grown more honest with myself. As a result, I believe that breaking the cycle of dysfunction by creating a compassionate home is how I will change the world. My sons are people who are able to fully be themselves. They can learn how to give and receive love. I think this may be the most important thing a human being can learn.

I am most proud when I model kindness to my children. Reacting with patience and understanding don’t come naturally to me all the time. Every time I give those things to them, someone else, or myself, I feel proud-especially when I see them modeling these things themselves.

My three top values are:

  • Non-Violence
  • Honesty
  • Compassion

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4 thoughts on “Mindful Parenting: Personal Mission Statement

  1. Thank you so much fir joining us on this journey. I just love reading how others have interpreted the tasks and their answers to the questions posed. I, too, have found that the very first step to finding out who you are and who you want to be is complete honesty with yourself. The truth may hurt a little, but it can be changed into a new truth. Delusions are always delusions and often lead to some major disappointments.

    I can’t wait to read your next post!

  2. What did I just read last night in The Simple Living Guide? A suggestion to craft a personal mission statement. Our minister spoke about something similar from the pulpit yesterday. Must be something in the air right now, because these things just keep coming up.

    I really like the idea of looking at priorities and passions and using those as a measuring stick against which all potential activities are measured. Seems as though this type of measure would help avoid focus on the outward things and would encourage me to make choices that are consciously aligned with my ideals (rather than living by default).

    I’m very pleased to hear about these Mindful Parenting Challenges. I will plan to check them out. Thank you for a timely, heartfelt, and informative post!

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