Stealing My Posts? UR Doin It Rong

Hello everyone, I am having a problem with content being stolen from my blog. Despite multiple requests and demands to cease and desist in stealing my copyrighted posts, this person is continuing to steal my words. They have stolen hours of my work and taken ownership of some of my deepest thoughts. They have stolen references to my children and people whom I love. They are violating my identity by passing off my experiences as my own. I feel silenced. How am I supposed to speak about the abuse that happened to me, knowing that someone else is going to take my words and use them as their own? How am I supposed to reconcile the sentences about the loss of my daughter when this person has taken my pain and used it for themselves? I find it incredibly painful to read my words used to spread lies.

I was able to check the WhoIs information for this person and am including the text below since it appears they are copying and pasting directly from my blog, changing a handful of words in each post, I thought they might enjoy posting their own information as they violate copyright in stealing this very post. Here’s a link for a pingback

Please do not visit this blog or give them any of your attention. I have gone through their stolen content and contacted other blogs they are stealing from whenever I could find anything that identifies them. I would like to minimize the attention that this blog receives and not give them any traffic.

Everything below this is publicly attainable information; including name address, email address, and registrar. Since they are across the world from me, It will be interesting to see what will happen. I will be following up with their ISP and Domain Name Registrar, as well as through Google Search.

I don’t gain money from my blog and I understand that copyright infringement is rampant. It costs people money and time. It is a lie. I hope that the person stealing my words either reads this and stops because of the pain they are causing. Or, if they don’t read this, and simply post it, I hope they include the following:

Hello my name is Hiren Shukla on My Blog the url is, I have been repeatedly lifting copyrighted content from TouchstoneZ and several other blogs despite multiple requests to cease and desist. I have been notified repeatedly, yet I continue to steal words written by other people directly from their blogs without asking and without attribution.

Here is my freely available information from WhoIs, if you would care to send me an email, contact my registrar, isp, or file a DMNC with Google:

Domain ID:D5523521-AFIN
Domain Name:ZOKO.IN
Created On:20-Nov-2011 12:32:26 UTC
Last Updated On:20-Nov-2011 14:22:17 UTC
Expiration Date:20-Nov-2012 12:32:26 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Directi Web Services Pvt. Ltd. (R118-AFIN)
Registrant ID:DI_18384091
Registrant Name:Hiren Shukla
Registrant Street1:B-32 Surayvan Appt
Registrant Street2:Nr Gormoh Hotel
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Ahmedabad
Registrant State/Province:Gujarat
Registrant Postal Code:380015
Registrant Country:IN
Registrant Phone:+91.9999999999
Admin ID:DI_18384091
Admin Name:Hiren Shukla
Admin Street1:B-32 Surayvan Appt
Admin Street2:Nr Gormoh Hotel
Admin City:Ahmedabad
Admin State/Province:Gujarat
Admin Postal Code:380015
Admin Country:IN
Admin Phone:+91.9999999999
Tech ID:DI_18384091
Tech Name:Hiren Shukla
Tech Street1:B-32 Surayvan Appt
Tech Street2:Nr Gormoh Hotel
Tech City:Ahmedabad
Tech State/Province:Gujarat
Tech Postal Code:380015
Tech Country:IN
Tech Phone:+91.9999999999

I’ll update this if they post it…

Update Nov 24, 2011: They did, indeed, post this. I’ve sent the site owner a legal notification to remove my content and stop stealing future posts. I contacted the other blogs I could identify that were being scraped and they are also planning to send notifications. I tried to send a DMCA to the host, but the email address on WhoIs bounced. Next, I’ll be contacting WhoIs that the host is in violation since their contact info is invalid. I believe they may be a reseller, so if I can sort through that morass, I will as well. I’ll also continue to try to track down other ways to contact the host. I contacted and asked if they can block the domain from accessing my site, since it’s a bot. I’m waiting to hear back from them. After that, it means hiring a lawyer and the thieves know this is the only recourse.

Update Nov 25, 2011: The site is throwing an error with Apache. So, the good news is that they’re not currently up and running or stealing more content. Here’s hoping they’re unable to fix it and finally give up.

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10 thoughts on “Stealing My Posts? UR Doin It Rong

  1. Wow! That is horrible. I really hope they stopped or we may need to go all villagers with torches on them. Although I know you are way too peaceful of a person for that. I am too but sometimes my inner villager comes out…

    • Thank you, Aspieside. Part of the reason I wrote this post and the following was because I looked in my hand with a start as I notice I was carrying a lit torch. Instead of dousing it, I used it to light a productive fire 😉

  2. Oh sweet mama, have some (((HUGS)))

    I don’t really know what to say except that I don’t expect you can really stop this sort of thing. It goes with the territory of the internet. I want to give advice but fear it would not be appropriate because right now I can really sense that you are hurting and angry, perhaps feeling violated…So I’ll offer my sympathy instead….

    Thinking of you x

  3. absolutely and utterly ridiculous. What is this world coming to?? I hope these people stop what they are doing – so sorry for you having to deal with this!!

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