Lighting A Fire


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I’m putting aside the posts I had planned for today while I deal with the content theft. And by deal with it, I mean make peace with it. I’m worked up about my words being passed off as someone else’s. Much of what I write here is deeply personal. It is part of my healing process to write about my failures, successes, and even the blah times. It causes me pain that someone is using them without thought. By the time I reach the end of this post, I’ll have worked through my closure and centered myself.

The theft is being done by autoblog, and as evidenced by the fact that they blogged my previous post, they don’t care about the meaning behind my content. They just want the empty words to satisfy their needs. On one level that’s comforting, but on another it’s disturbing. To take the poetry out of the words is worse than stealing the words, at least for me. I don’t make money from blogging. I do it for the joy and the connections.

I was walking around for the last few days thinking they had robbed me of some of that joy.

But, that’s not true. I handed them my joy. I am trying to look at it like this: If they had asked me to reblog my posts, I would have said yes, provided they didn’t violate my principles (such as advertising that violates the WHO formula marketing code, etc.) I would have requested a simple link back to my blog as attribution. That they are stealing from me when they could have simply asked made me furious.

This put a chilling effect on my writing.

I thought, what I’m hung up on is them using my posts without my permission and continuing to do so after I requested, then demanded, that they stop. This has happened three times before on other sites, but each time, the blogger agreed to pull my content after I contacted them.

Then, I thought about the fact that I’m upset about this because I know about the theft. There could be many sites out there using my content without my knowledge. I’m unaware of them. Does this stop me from writing my deepest darkest musings?

My answer is no.

So, it’s the knowledge of the copyright violation that’s got me upset. I have a target enemy to focus my fears on. And I get caught up in “them.” “They” are doing this. “They” are stealing from me. Who cares about “them?” I certainly don’t. They’re not something I should spend time on.

I’m making my peace with the theft and my knowing about the theft. I’m letting go of my anger and hurt. I’m letting go of my finger pointing and blaming. I’m doing this because it’s causing me to suffer. I am causing myself this suffering. I wish it were one way, but it is actually another. The space between the two is my pain. Once I move my “wish” to reality, the pain evaporates.

This probably pisses a lot people off because there’s this mistaken belief that letting go is the same as giving in.

It’s the opposite. Once I detach from the anger and pain, I can continue to fight for my right to choose when and where my content will be posted. Instead, I can do it from a place of calm determination. That’s a more powerful and happy place to live.

A word of advice to the content thieves out there: Don’t fuck with Bloggers who track their spiritual journey through writing. We didn’t give an inch to our inner demons. You are nothing compared to post partum depression or losing a child. We have been through hell and out the other side. We never give up. It is never worth our while to stop fighting for what is ours. It’s not until the last piece of brokenness has been rooted out and put right that we give over. We do this from a place of inner peace, not from a high horse. It’s not personal. It’s what is true.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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7 thoughts on “Lighting A Fire

  1. I couldn’t believe the post about this. I didn’t get to comment, but I did read. I just can’t imagine the kind of person who would do something like this.
    I’m so sorry.
    It’s such a violation.
    I don’t know what to say, I’m just here to say that I’m behind you and if there’s anything I can do, I will.
    I have to ask you about the last post and what to do. I think there’s something, but I couldn’t really understand it.

  2. Hmm… I can understand your anger and the pain that this can be causing. My blog is just little chit-chat stuff, but you write about some very powerful things. Just reading your response to this personal attack is empowering to me.

    And, just as you can’t do a paint-by-numbers of Starry Starry Night, no one can really copy and paste your words and truly claim them as their own works. I hope that, once the anger and hurt has passed, whoever has been doing this learns a big lesson on copyright laws!

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