Letter to Littles: November 2011

Letters for Littles

Inspired by Sausage Mama, I am writing a monthly letter to my children. I hope to capture these moments in time because they go so quickly. To quote Amber Strocel, “blink and you miss it.” (two great, positive blogs, please check them out)

I hope you will join me in writing a monthly letter to your children and linking it up here. Feel free to grab the badge for your website and let me know when you post so I can add you to the list of participants.

Dear Little Buddhas,

I have been thinking about how different each of you approached things this month. I thought it would be interesting to share some specific examples so we can remember them together.

Nat on a Pumpkin

Nat on a Pumpkin


I notice that when you feel secure, you are exuberant and throw your entire heart into things. You are going through a period of separation anxiety that your Dad and I are striving to support with patience and understand as you work through it. You’re about to be in a production of the Nutcracker at the Civic Center and I know you’re excited about it. You approach the rehearsals with reservation every time. You hide behind me until you feel ready to join in and as long as you are given that time, you do join in. Once you’re performing, you’re enthusiastic. Your teachers affectionately call you a natural ham.

In the house, you refuse to go into another room or even out of eyesight of an adult lately. It sometimes tries my patience to drop what I’m doing and accompany you while you get a toy or go to the bathroom, but I’m sucking it up both because you deserve and because I’m hoping it will pass more quickly if I support you. You have also been having a tough time when your dad or I leave without you. There have been many times when you’ve dissolved into tears if you can’t watch our car for as long as you can. Again, as long as you’re given unconditional support, you’re back to your usual well-attached self.

And I understand why this is happening. You’re spreading your wings and doing so many other things with independence. It makes sense you would need to return for security with those who give you unconditional love. I’m grateful that I’m one of the people you cling to when you need it.

Gan on a Pumpkin

Gan on a Pumpkin


I see you approach things differently just because it’s different. If being alone in a room scares your big brother, then you fearlessly journey into the dark alone. If your brother is scared of monsters, you go out of your way to choose books about monsters. But, I also see that you enjoy challenging yourself. So, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the rebellious you and the introspective you. Either way, I find your complexity at 3 years old fascinating.

I also see you like to observe things and not necessarily speak about things at first. Once you’ve made up your mind about something, then you’re ready to engage with it. It’s almost impossible to gently move you on to a different idea or activity once you are doing it. I’m challenged constantly to remember you are not trying to push my buttons on purpose. It’s your way of both seeking reassurance and finding out how much control you have. I try to give you both.

Reflecting Smiles

Reflecting Smiles


You approach things with abandoned glee. There is too much bubbly joy to be contained within your body when you get to try something new or explore a new situation. You still adore running away from me whenever I am not looking. If you didn’t run cackling at the top of your lungs the entire time, you’d probably get away, too.

You have brought so much pure happiness to my life because of your exuberant heart. You have strong opinions and do not like to be thwarted, but your default setting is happy. I plan to continue to nurture that happy as best I am able. The idea that you could keep that optimism through life is breathtaking to me. It’s something I have aspired to catching pieces of in my own life. If I can learn from you anything, it’s to hold onto this joy in encountering new situations.

New African Daisies

Image by bill barber via Flickr


This month was filled with gratitude. I truly enjoyed writing the Gratitude Challenge this month because I got to think of 10 things I’m grateful for about you. This month has also been one filled with lots of friends giving birth. Every time I hear an announcement I have a simultaneous leap and drop of the heart. My heart leaps with joy for the new baby, for the birth experience, and for the family’s opportunity to fall in love all over again. And it drops because you’re not here. I can’t hug you like I can your, very tolerant, brothers every time I hear more happy announcements.

I miss you, my girl. I will always hold onto the wish to meet you again.

Wagon of Love

Wagon of Love

I learn so much from being your mother. Every month is a new experience and I love being in the unknown, even when I’m afraid of it. I often think back to that time before each of you was born. It was a time when my mind was all about expectations, but I had to relax into the lack of control. It was a time when I felt most in tune with my body, yet my body was not truly my own anymore.

I hope that I can give back to you even the tiniest bit of understand of what that does to a person; The simultaneous miracle and ordinary that is within you.


Yo’ mama
November, 2011

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13 thoughts on “Letter to Littles: November 2011

  1. What a sweet letter to your children! My brother in law opened an email account for his daughter (my niece) and he has encouraged us to write to Lilith any memories, advice, thoughts so that she can enjoy them when she’s older. I love all of it.

    • Thank you for commenting, Dionna. I think it is normal tor recur during developmentally at various ages and stages. The birth of a sibling could definitely trigger the need to bond. That’s a foundation shaking event. Getting that reassurance of unconditional love while everyone is sorting out the new dynamics seems a pretty healthy thing. I don’t think I’d react as well if my partner brought home a new wife! Nat is a little over 5y 4m now.

  2. This is a wonderful, wonderful idea. I enjoyed reading your reflections. (I cried a bit about Sar.)

    There are so many things I wish I had done when my children were small. If anyone with little ones is reading this, let me strongly recommend that you join Letters to Littles. I know it feels like you’ll remember everything, but trust me, by the time they are in their late teens, you’ll feel like you don’t remember enough.

I love comments and try to reply to each one. I look forward to connecting with you. Namaste

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