Babars Yoga for Elephants Childrens Book Review

It’s Book Sharing Monday from Smiling Like Sunshine! We read a lot of books in this family and I love hearing from other parents when they come across a book that their kids liked. So, I’m going to be adding weekly posts about books that my kids recommend. Feel free to share any you’ve come across that might be a nice complement to the one I’m reviewing

Babar’s Yoga for Elephants

This book begins with the “discovery” of ancient drawings depicting elephants doing yoga. It goes through a short, cute history of elephant Yogis, then dives into Babar doing sun salutations. On the next two double pages, there’s a point by point description of the sequences on the left pages and illustrations of the poses on the right pages. My kids were able to follow along easily and enjoyed making elephant noises while doing sun salutations.

Then there are about 10 more double pages highlighting various poses with instructions and elephant illustrations. My smartypants ds1 noted that the elephant’s pelvis can’t do the poses, but since they were drawings it was okay.

Elephant Yoga

There’s one page about breathing and a short walkthrough of alternate nostril pranayama, which an elephant can do simply by twisting his trunk. There are several funny illustrations of elephants popping into yoga poses in various places (“like you, mama!”) and then the elephants travel around the world demonstrating yoga poses and why they are important to practice during times of stress like delayed planes, traffic, and in using the body to connect with the place you are. For example, Warrior pose at the Eiffel Tower and cobra pose near the Golden Gate Bridge.

We looked up all the places on the map and practiced the poses when we found them. It actually got them interested in learning more about the places, so we spent several hours looking at photos on the computer and discussing what were man-made and what were natural formations. Our discussions touched on architecture, art, engineering, geology, geography, weathering, pollution, travel, and patience.

It has been quite a rewarding book. Above all though, this book reinforces the idea that Yoga is a way to calm and center yourself. Through breathing, postures, and meditation, you can connect to yourself and to the world around you in a more pleasant, connected way. My kids got this message more clearly, I think, because it was shown through elephants, instead of people.

Have you read any good books lately? I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Babars Yoga for Elephants Childrens Book Review

  1. Now I need this book too!!! I’ve been trying to get my girl interested, but it’snot working so well. I think those elephants might be jst the ticket.
    Good thing I got an Amazon gift certificate for my bday.

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