From MOPA to COPA: Making Content Theft Work for You

A Love Letter from an Obsessed Fan

I recently found a blog that I have a real connection to. The woman has kids like me, practices yoga like me, and writes about mindful living just like me. She is a having the same life experiences as I am, only a day later. I check in daily to see what she will post next. Her posts speak directly to my heart. In fact the words are identical to my own. Her kids could be twins to my kids. I am a true fan of her writing and I have told her on numerous occasions. I even contacted her host directly several times, but sadly, I have never heard back.

Since I have exhausted all avenues to contact my spiritually connected blogger, I am writing this list in hope that my unwavering support will help her see that we are meant to be together forever (or at least until my lawyer is able serve the cease and desist letter that’s sealed with a kiss)

Top 5 Reasons to Encourage Content Theft

  1. It eliminates the need to interact with others. Everyone knows that bloggers are pajama-wearing shut-ins with social anxiety. With your content available elsewhere, there’s less pressure to reply to comments or pretend to care about your reader’s discussions.
  2. It opens up your bandwidth. When hits are traveling to someone else’s blog for identical content, you won’t have to worry about it slowing down your own site’s performance. You can concentrate on producing new content, comfortable in the knowledge that it, too, will free up bandwidth in the future. Smart bloggers don’t keep their images on their own servers anyway.
  3. It makes money. All of those advertisers you turned away because they weren’t the right fit for your blog will now have a second chance to slap their ads up next to your content. You won’t see a penny directly, but you can still walk around with a smug expression knowing you didn’t compromise your principles. And with our current economic model, the revenue that the advertising corporations rake in will eventually trickle down to your already bounteous blogger’s income. Cha-Ching!
  4. It’s unattributed. You don’t have to worry about a lackluster article because your readers will never know it’s your work. You don’t have to waste time spellchecking. You can use passive voice and confuse your and you’re all you want. The grammar police won’t bother you.
  5. It’s sharing. You work hard to come up with unique and interesting content that is tailored to your readers. It isn’t fair to make someone else have to go through the same work to reinvent the wheel when you’ve already put in the time and effort. This one applies especially to niche bloggers. Don’t be stingy. Sharing is caring.


Your number one fan


Since this is the internet and all, this was not written in a vacuum. I am grateful for every other word I have read in my entire life that affected me in large, small or ways I may not even realize. The internet is freedom at its finest. Complete freedom is a threat to establishment that is interested in protecting its foundation. Never should fear-based decisions become an acceptable reason to curtail freedom.


*MOPA: Moping Online Piracy Act
*COPA: Coping Online Piracy Act

6 thoughts on “From MOPA to COPA: Making Content Theft Work for You

  1. I still can’t believe this situation. I don’t think I could handle it at all.
    You have inner resources I can’t even imagine.
    I can’t wait to hear about the end of the madness.

  2. Oh, what a sweet and thoughtful boy you have raised! Geez, what are the chances they’d take those precious limbs! UGH. Glad to see the final result was well recieved and quite beautiful. Way to go!

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