Namaste: 11 February 2012

Anjali Mudra: Gratitude Namaste

Anjali Mudra: Namaste

I’m inspired by Amanda at Let’s Take the Metro‘s weekly gratitude post. So, I’m going to cultivate a little more gratitude in my life by joining her on a quest to be thankful until we absolutely exude gratitude. I hope you’ll also join Amanda in sharing just five things you are thankful for this week. Thank you to Amanda for helping bring back genuine gratitude.

This week I am grateful for:

  • My body. I have trouble writing that I am grateful for my body. But, I am. My body allows me to practice Yoga, the most effective way I’ve found for staying present and breaking down my boundaries. My body has taken me places I never thought I’d go. It has the strength to grow and birth my amazing children. And it has the softness to temper that power with love and affection.
  • Meditation. I rarely get in a formal, seated meditation more often than once or twice a week. But, I meditate several times during the day, and overnight when I wake up. I fit meditation in the inbetweens. It’s these moments of quiet that allow me to work toward being the person and parent I long to be. When I don’t take the time to meditate, I notice a difference in how patient and kind I am to myself and others.
  • Learning. I just can’t get enough. I’m voracious about learning new things. When I meet someone who has an interest I know nothing about, I’m intrigued to ask about them. I enjoy discussing things with people who think differently than I do as much as those who think similarly.
  • Letting Go. Following my children’s leads. Listening, instead of talking, has been a big lesson for me. I have to let go of my ego repeatedly. Every time I do, I’m impressed with what they have come up with. It’s far better than my own. I try this in interactions with adults, too, and get the feeling they are moving into the space in gratitude, and it’s not overextending my own feelings.
  • Unschooling. I wish I could explain to other parents how rewarding it is to homeschool. It is worth confronting all the educational fears we have as parents. Seeing my children approach a concept, work it through, and grasp it, has been as profound as giving birth at times. It’s easier than I thought it would be because I’m relaxing into the role of supporting them as they take the lead. I listen to friends who volunteer and contribute at their children’s formal schools (not to mention homework) and I see them investing as much time and effort as I do. I enjoy seeing how we are all deeply involved in our children’s educations in ways that align with our education principles. And I love that I let go of my fears about the whole big ball of wax that is homeschooling (Is that the proper term to encompass it??)

I feel as though I just stood under a clear waterfall. Thank you, Amanda, for reminding me to give my gratitude a voice (oops! Does that make 6? 😉

2 thoughts on “Namaste: 11 February 2012

  1. I love the comparison of homeschooling to giving birth. That is an amazing image and strengthens my deep desire to have that for my children.

    I am also a voracious learner. Had I time to actually read, I’d read a book a week or more. I am so attached to learning it’s like a member of my family 🙂

    Thank you for your thoughts this week.

    • Thank you, Amanda. Parenting in general seems like the constant balance of creation and destruction. It’s fascinating. Pregnancy and birth are so focused on when you’re in them, but on the other side, they feel like another preparation for parenting.

      And I love your description of learning as a member of your family. Great analogy!

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