Wordless: 20 Week Belly and Tadpoles




My plan for the rest of this pregnancy, as well as several weeks post partum, is to take weekly belly photos. At the end of the project, I hope it will be interesting to see the changes, larger to smaller (hopefully), over the course of gestating, birthing and breastfeeding twins. I hope to share a shot or two of an activity we do each week along with the belly shot, too.


Are you or have you documented a pregnancy with weekly photos? I’d love to hear from you.

14 thoughts on “Wordless: 20 Week Belly and Tadpoles

  1. You look so beautiful, Zoie. I’m so excited for you, such an enormous blessing you have been given. I saw your beautiful boys at the park a few days ago. They have grown so much, we miss them and you. Hugs.

  2. It never crossed my mind to take belly shots in my previous pregnancies (I wasn’t blogging then). This time I attempted one… but it looked nothing like a pregnant belly. I might wait for a few more weeks.

    • Thank you, IThoughtIKnewMama. I don’t take enough pictures of me as it is (I think many of us have this issue as we’re often the ones behind the camera.) But, I regret not having photos of my belly during my previous pregnancies. Since this is my last, I’m trying to have these!

  3. During this last pregnancy, we documented my growth with weekly belly photos. My husband’s intent was to make a video out of it, like one of those time speed-up video thingies. (that’s the technical term I believe, plese pardon the sleep-deprivation-induced brain fart) He hasn’t had time to do it yet and it’s been 8 months since the birth! Well, it was a good idea anyway. Thanks for sharing your photos, it gives me an oppportunity to get excited for you anew each time!

  4. You look great….beautiful baby belly! I hope we get to see mama’s face in some of the pictures too….show off that pregnancy glow. The kids are sooooo cute.

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