Wordless: 23weeks Twin Pregnancy Belly


This why I’m so exhausted and feeling huge this week. I took the shot with the white shirt 2 days earlier. There’s a noticeable difference in both size and position of my belly. The first shot is before a prenatal massage and an African dance class both of which contributed to opening my pelvis.

I felt the babies move further out toward the front of my belly and away from my pelvic bowl. Not coincidentally, this is the first time in weeks I have been pelvic pain-free.

It’s nice to see tangible proof of growing and developing bodies as it helps me reconcile the amount of tiredness I feel. I’m feeling plenty of kicks that are visible from the outside and have even begun to see from the outside when two bodies are shifting around.

Despite the exhaustion, I’m feeling better overall without the pelvic pain.

I’d enjoy hearing about positive experiences with prenatal massage, dance, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic or other care received during pregnancy, if you would like to share.

5 thoughts on “Wordless: 23weeks Twin Pregnancy Belly

  1. Congratulations! I have 2-year-old twin boys, and the pregnancy was a bit of a challenge, just as you are writing. It was exhausting and painful and exciting and wonderful, and I loved it. I had prenatal massage to help with the crazy pain in my hips and legs, and chiropractic treatments to open my pelvis and encourage baby A to move head down (he did!) and it had the added bonus of making my lower back feel WONDERFUL. I had regular Reiki sessions too, for general health and wellness, and I found that I did sleep a little better after each one. Not that there was much sleeping in the second half of the pregnancy, but you take what you can get! I’m looking forward to following your blog, and wish you great peace and energy. Best to you and your family

  2. I LOVE that you did an African dance class. That’s brilliant!! The thing I most regret about not having more babies is not being able to learn and try more and different things. I was so tentative the first time.
    I did have incredible massage and energy work during my pregnancy. I also had my indredible chinese herbalist who was the one to really keep me in balance. And then my daughter was so lucky to have spiritual/energetic and cranial/sacral immediately after being born. Right in the delivery room.
    I love your belly!!!
    Are your boys out of their minds excited about their sisters? I’m so happy for you all.
    -teresa peters

  3. Thanks to scoliosis, my skeleton doesn’t hang straight, so a painless pregnancy just isn’t gonna happen for me. However, I started seeing a chiro halfway through my second baby’s gestation, and I swear it kept me able to walk through birth. I have continued chiropractic care in the intervening time, and so far I haven’t experienced any pain (except for a zoo trip), and I’m weeks past where I started hurting with E. I have fantasies of not needing a disabled placard this time…

  4. You definitely have reason to feel exhausted. What a beautiful belly! From your list, I have only tried yoga during pregnancy, and I always find it to be beneficial, both physically and emotionally. Ooh, but I’m dying for a massage!

  5. I use Chiro care throughout my entire pregnancy. My body was on the heavier side before getting pregnant with my son. And during my pregnancy I gained quite a bit of weight. I attribute my good health, and pain free pregnancy to my chiro care. I was agile, walking, hiking and stretching with ease up to the day I delivered! It was beautiful to feel the way I did.

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