This Post Was Almost Brought to You By Tea

Ernest Shepard illustration for "Halfway ...

“Halfway Down”

I’m learning every day of this month what I need to do in order to write while minimizing the impact on my family of my solitary time. First, I discovered that I need to finish a post in less than one hour. One hour is all I can do or I’m either interrupted before I finish writing or I’m giving up sleep. Ah yes, sleep, I haven’t slept in 3 days because of teething babies and my injured shoulder pain.

Writing instead of sleeping is not an option.

With one hour or less to write a post each day, I’ve had to let go of proofreading, editing, formatting and even running spellcheck. I decided I wouldn’t go back a read my posts until after the month is over so that I don’t have to see my errors. By the time November is over, I may not go back and look.

One of the things I knew going into this month of daily writing was that I needed to write a topic in the morning and let it be until I have time to write late at night. Otherwise, I’d end up with what happened to me tonight: staring at a blank screen with no creative energy.

I was 30 minutes into my alloted writing time this evening (before bed, for once) and nothing was coming. Then my thoughtful partner brought me a cup of tea and I thought, “Eureka! It’s one of my hippy dippy teas that has a spiritual quote on the string! I’ll write about whatever the pseudo-existential topic is on my tea!”

“If you’re gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.”

~Marilyn Monroe

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the ...

And I’ve got nothing to say about that. Maybe if I had time, I could think of something deeply Yogic to say about this quip. But, I’ll leave it with: Marilyn did Yoga and she’s far wittier than I.

Frustratingly, posting this 10 minute post so that I don’t miss a day for NaBloPoMo. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.






Post for NaBloPoMo
(Since I’m writing most of these late at night, in bed, while tandem nursing twins, I’m choosing to concentrate on writing rather than formatting, proof-reading, researching or editing as much as I’d like. Please forgive the extra typos and non-nonsensical grammar. Thank you.)

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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