Mindfulness App: Prune-Habit Maker, Quit More

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Much has been written about the disconnect created by our constant ability to receive information. More than ever, carving out a space for ourselves to experience full presence while living with ready access to distraction is important for our well-being.

Technology can also be a tool to help with mindfulness. For example, we can learn about mindfulness practices, set alarms to remind us to practice, and record our experiences.

My goal with this series is to share mobile apps that I have found especially useful in cultivating mindfulness practices. I believe that harnessing the power of our handheld distraction devices has the potential to integrate mindfulness into our already overfull lives. Or, as a friend aptly noted, bring balance to the force.

Mindfulness App: Prune Splashscreen

Mindfulness App: Prune Splashscreen




Today’s app is, called:

Prune-Habit Maker, Quit More
by Principal Humanity
Developer Website
iTunes Store

Version I demo: 1..6.2 on iPhone
Cost: Free Today! Dec 5, 2013, Normally: $0.99 US, no ads




Prune-Habit Maker, Quit More is a an app that makes changing behavior simple. It boasts a minimalist interface that is immediately useable. There are instructions included, but they’re unnecessary because the choices are obvious.

If you allow push notifications (fully customizable in your phone settings, of course) it will pop up random reminders about your goal to break a habit.

Mindfulness App: Prune Goals Screenshot

Prune Goals Screenshot

I like that the creators have set up a few suggested areas for habits or that you can create your own, such as a food, drink, activity or indulgence. If nothing else, these categories can get you thinking about how you’re thinking about your habit. The app also has a “resurrect” feature so you can bring back old goals to start again.

Some of the features that I enjoyed are being able to change a habit after you’ve already created it. Other apps I’ve tried make you delete and create a new one. With Prune, you can start anew any time, change the name, duration, et cetera, on the fly. This sets up a “no guilt” goal-setting. You’re the only person you need to be honest with in this app.

Mindfulness App: Prune Social Media Sharing

Prune Social Media Sharing


There are options to share on social media how long you’ve managed to go without your habit. You can get some positive reinforcement from your friends that can offset the possible emphasis on going without something.


Honestly, I don’t feel motivated focusing solely on what I will do without. Everything I’ve read on willpower says it’s more complicated than that. I think Prune, used in conjunction with a full web of positive reinforced habit breaking and habit replacing can be a good thing.





“How to Say No To Almost Anything” explains:

I think, as long as the “I will live without:” phrase motivates you, that the simple, easy interface and thoughtful options for changing and resurrecting your habits make this app an excellent one for breaking old habits.

It’s a good day to try it. Today, Dec 5, 2013, Prune-Habit Maker, Quit More, is free in the iTunes store.

If you try this app, I’d enjoy hearing how you use it in the comments.

Consider adding this app to your device, between Candy Crush and Twitter to bring a little mindfulness into your device, won’t you?

Do you have a mindfulness app that you recommend or one that you would like me to review? Please let me know in the comments below. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “Mindfulness App: Prune-Habit Maker, Quit More

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  2. An aside about this post: My 4yo loves the video so much, we’ve watched it every day since you posted it. Today I overheard him playing pretend with a stuffed cat who had “I will power,” “I won’t power,” and “I want power.”

  3. So, will this app (for example) remind you every 25 minutes not to complain? Or does the time listing mean that the goal is to not complain for 25 minutes? And what are the percentages?

    When I first saw the name of the app, I was hoping it was something that would help me to figure out what pieces of my overloaded schedule to drop. I would almost be willing to get a smartphone or other app-accepting device if I could get an app to help me with that. (Almost.)

    • Great questions, CJ. In the screenshot above, the 25min is the elapsed time since setting the goal, ie: I haven’t complained for 25 minutes. One the screen where you set goals, you can set the duration, for example, x days and x hours from x time, I will live without…

      My advice if you’re trying to eliminate and prioritize your schedule and you don’t already have a smart phone is to either not get one or if you do get one, severely limit the number of apps you keep on your phone.

      It can be a huge time suck/distraction enabler or it can be a good tool. I love being able to google whatever the kids & I are discussing any time, but I find the ready access to information a real temptation to disengage from what’s going on in front of me.

      With that said, I wouldn’t get half the things done and be able to be fully present with my family without it because I can be here now and squeeze in my todo list items here and there during the day or do almost anything from my phone at night

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