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Much has been written about the disconnect created by our constant ability to receive information. More than ever, carving out a space for ourselves to experience full presence while living with ready access to distraction is important for our well-being.

Technology can also be a tool to help with mindfulness. For example, we can learn about mindfulness practices, set alarms to remind us to practice, and record our experiences.

My goal with this series is to share mobile apps that I have found especially useful in cultivating mindfulness practices. I believe that harnessing the power of our handheld distraction devices has the potential to integrate mindfulness into our already overfull lives. Or, as a friend aptly noted, bring balance to the force.

Smile More App Splash Screeenshot

Smile More App Splash Screeenshot

Today’s app is, called:

Smile More
by Jaidev Soin
Developer Website
iTunes Store
Version I demo: 1.1.1 on iPhone
Cost: Free, with ads or $1.99 without ads





Smile More is a an app that you can set up reminders to come up as alerts on your iPhone. You can choose from a list of 20 different reminders within 5 different categories, such as: “It will get better reminders,” “relaxation reminders,” and “benefits of smiling reminders.”


You can set up the reminders in iterations between one to nine times during any set time period each day. The reminders will pop up randomly during that time, which is nice because you don’t have them popping up when you know you won’t see them, such as when sleeping.




Smile More App Reminders Screenshot

Smile More App Reminders Screenshot

The list of reminders is quite effective for targeting the mindfulness area you are concentrating on, such as in the “it will get better reminders,” “let it go. The future is bright” or “Everything will work out in the end.” When I was battling post partum depression, I set up the “you are special reminders” section to remind me “you have family and friends who love you” and “you are worthy of the life you desire.” It helped me to stay grounded when everything seemed overwhelming.




The free version of Smile More allows you to select up to three reminders to pop up every day and includes a banner ad at the bottom of the settings screens. The paid version removes the ads and allows you to select as many reminders as you would like.

Smile More App Choices Screenshot

Smile More App Choices Screenshot




Other than supporting the app developer, which always a good thing to do, the paid version isn’t really necessary just to eliminate the ads that you only see when changing the settings. They don’t show up in the alerts and chances are, you’ll just set it and leave it, with occasional tweaks to change time or reminders. The ads that I have seen so far have been kid-friendly and not obnoxiously blinking.




If you find you want more than three reminders in a day, then the paid version is the way to go, of course. Although, there are other free apps available that you can use instead of or along with this one, such as Mindfulness Timer.



If you try this app, I’d enjoy hearing how you use it in the comments.



Consider adding this app to your device, between Candy Crush and Twitter to bring a little mindfulness into your device, won’t you?

Do you have a mindfulness app that you recommend or one that you would like me to review? Please let me know in the comments below. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “Mindfulness App: Smile More

  1. This is an app that I could see myself using, if I had an app-using device. I could also see myself ignoring the messages after a relatively short time. After using this (or any mindfulness app), do you find yourself tuning them out after a while, or do they continue to seem fresh?

    My spouse got his first smartphone late last week and has spent this week figuring out how to use it. If I set this app up on his phone without telling him, I wonder if he’d think it was a feature that came with the phone. That thought makes me smile.

    • Lol. I think that’s funny and thoughtful to load it on his phone. I hope he likes it.

      I find that if I’m ignoring the messages, I change them so they’re fresh. It’s also a practice in focusing. Even if I don’t read it entirely, it’s a reminder to check in with myself and see why I’m not paying attention. Usually, I’m stressed and rushing, especially this time of year, and can use the quick reminder to slow down.

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