Mindfulness App: Sahaja Kids

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Much has been written about the disconnect created by our constant ability to receive information. More than ever, carving out a space for ourselves to experience full presence while living with ready access to distraction is important for our well-being.

Technology can also be a tool to help with mindfulness. For example, we can learn about mindfulness practices, set alarms to remind us to practice, and record our experiences.

My goal with this series is to share mobile apps that I have found especially useful in cultivating mindfulness practices. I believe that harnessing the power of our handheld distraction devices has the potential to integrate mindfulness into our already overfull lives. Or, as a friend aptly noted, bring balance to the force.

Mindfulness App: Sahaja Kids Homescreen

Mindfulness App: Sahaja Kids Homescreen

Today’s app is, called:

Sahaja Kids
by Super CoolVibes
Developer Website
iTunes Store

Version I demo: 1..6.2 on iPhone
Cost: Free US, no ads



Sahaja Kids – coolvibes is a an app for helping kids (or adults) learn about the chakras of the body. It is a light, fun introduction to the Yogic belief in these energy centers.


When the app launches, there is a picture of the founder of Sahaja Yoga[1], Nirmala Srivastava , smiling with a group of children. From there, the home screen with a cartoon child sitting in lotus position loads with animated chakral centers. Some gentle music plays on a loop.


Nabhi Chakra Screen

Nabhi Chakra Screen with Flower Burst

From the homescreen, you can click on any of the chakras to be taken to that chakras information screen. There are seven choices on the chakra screen, including clicking on the chakra symbol to return to the home screen. You can choose the name, color, main associated characteristic, chant, number of associated lotus petals, and a song. When you make a choice, yellow flowers fly out and off the screen and the written aspect is spoken aloud. If the song choice is made, there is a unique song that plays about the chakra.


My kids enjoy this app very much.  The words of the songs are too complex for them to follow along until they practice a lot, but they enjoyed listening and swaying along to the music. And they have listened to them often enough that they do know a couple of the songs.


I feel like they enjoy having a Yoga app that is for them.  Anything that helps them feel that they can create peace within themselves through their own actions is beneficial (much more so than when I give them the ideas.)  I feel comfortable with them using this app on their own, but I enjoy it when they invite me to sing along with them, “Peace in my Nabhi. Peace in the world” etc.


For a free app, the quality of the drawings and sounds is excellent. The songs are very enjoyable, even somewhat catchy, if you’re into this type of Yoga.


What I would like to see included in this app is another screen that includes all of the chakras together. It would be nice to be able to practice the chakra names in sequence. This is a common centering technique and aids in remembering the names of the chakras and their placements in the body. It would be nice if there were a song of the same quality as the ones for each individual chakra as well.



If you try this app, I’d enjoy hearing how you use it in the comments.


[1] These link to the Wikipedia articles about Sahaja Yoga, if you’d like to learn more. But, it’s not necessary to practice this school of Yoga to enjoy this app.

Consider adding this app to your device, between Candy Crush and Twitter, to bring a little mindfulness into your device, won’t you?

Do you have a mindfulness app that you recommend or one that you would like me to review? Please let me know in the comments below. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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Disclosure: If I’ve done it right, this post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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