Stand in the Place Where You Are


Start at the place where your own feet stand.
~Zen Saying

I escaped by myself to my favorite spot along the greenspace with its tangled bouganvilla and bushes, its trumpet vine-laden live oaks, its scrub jays and grey squirrels, its hidden fall wildflowers that only shyly show their faces after the greenery has been observed patiently.

An adolescent golden eagle flew overhead, which never ceases to shock with its wild freedom above the barely disguised sound of diesel trucks and soccer mom vans that cruise by just on the other side of the line of sycamores and palm trees that sustain this artificial California vision of natural areas.

Under the live oaks and gently swaying Boston ivy, though, I watch the dry river bed and think of the minnows and frogs that would be paddling around their entire world, if not for the drought. In this engineered wilderness, the wonder of nature still has the ability to possess me.

I stand in tadasana and breathe for what feels like the first time today. I inhale feel my feet connected to the path, the path dividing the greenspace just as the creekbed does, both of those connecting to the congested roads. I exhale and see the asphalt networked into the town, the town into the land and other cities around it. Inhale again, and I see the eagle’s view of the West coast of the United States, the hills becoming mountains to the east and ocean to the west. Exhale, and I’m higher still, seeing the vast empty spaces and crowded metropolises smooshed into each other and the oceans, even though they don’t see each other entangled.

I can see the pulsations of currents in the air and the water, the same pulsations in the electrical grids and the internet. I feel the pulsations of my own breathing. In and out, from my head to my feet.

My feet that are right here, grounding me in the truth of myself that is peace.

Post for NaBloPoMo
(Since I’m writing most of these late at night, in bed, while tandem nursing twins, I’m choosing to concentrate on writing rather than proof-reading or editing. Please forgive the extra typos and non-nonsensical grammar. Thank you.)

See you tomorrow for Nablopomo.
NaBloPoMo November 2014


photo credit: Wikimedia commons human_feet_.jpg

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