Mindfulness App: Mindfulness for Pregnancy

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Much has been written about the disconnect created by our constant ability to receive information. More than ever, carving out a space for ourselves to experience full presence while living with ready access to distraction is important for our well-being.

Technology can also be a tool to help with mindfulness. For example, we can learn about mindfulness practices, set alarms to remind us to practice, and record our experiences.

My goal with this series is to share mobile apps that I have found especially useful in cultivating mindfulness practices. I believe that harnessing the power of our handheld distraction devices has the potential to integrate mindfulness into our already overfull lives. Or, as a friend aptly noted, bring balance to the force.

 Today’s app is, called:

Mindfulness for Pregnancy
by MindApps
Developer Website
iTunes Store

Version 1.2 demo: 1.2 on iPhone
Cost: $2.99 US, no ads

Mindfulness for Pregnancy is a an app that can make mindfulness practices while expecting more accessible.  If the reminders to meditate and take a moment for mindfulness are right there on your phone, it’s much more likely that they will happen.Mindfulness for Pregnancy App Welcome Menu Screen Shot


Or at least the intention to be mindful can happen, and that has some value as well.


This is another one of those apps that I wish had been around when I was pregnant. I downloaded mp3s of pregnancy meditations and loaded them onto my phone, but without the reminders to practice, I would forget, especially during the morning sickness at the beginning and brain fog of the last trimester.


It would have been nice to set an alert during the times I knew I felt most sick so that an alert would pop up on my phone to remind me to breathe through it and remember that all would be well. Towards the end of my pregnancies, when I was feeling anxiety about birth, it would have been good to have a personal mantra come up to center myself.


And, of course, the body scan meditation and mindful yoga practices are useful before, during, and after pregnancy and birth. This app has everything you could want for preset and personal mindfulness alerts that can scheduled for the most useful times of day and night, along with reminders to breathe and to meditate.


Mindfulness for Pregnancy App Guided Practicies Menu Screen ShotThe app offers a brief introduction to mindfulness and meditation, specifically for pregnant people. There are plenty of included guided meditations (and the option to purchase more, although, it’s not necessary) and the option for silent meditation or meditation with soft chimes.


I found the “Being with Baby” to be wonderful for times when the stress of pregnancy and all of the preparations distract from the special time of just being present with your baby during this all too brief time before birth.


Lovingkindness meditation is very useful, if you’re having trouble seeing eye to eye with a care provider or if feeling unsupported by someone in your life.  Sending them, and yourself, a little of this allows you to let go of how you wish things would be and move on to how things are.  If you can’t guess, that is a key practice during labor and birth, as well.


The walking meditation is a nice addition, as most meditations for pregnancy seem to be seated or reclined. And there are definitely times when moving the body can help cope with all the changes when mindfulness can bring aches and pains to the forefront of awareness. Of course, the seated meditations can always be adapted for reclining or side-lying meditation. It’s more important to keep up the practice, especially if being upright will be a reason to skip.


The statistics page is a nice addition.  I remember not being able to remember when and how long I meditated while experiencing pregnancy brain (or regular brain, for that matter.) And it’s nice to see how much you’ve done when motivation is low.


There are also versions of this app for non-pregnant people, for kids, and for teens (I’ll be reviewing those soon, too.) They share the same framework, so if you’re interested and not a pregnant person, I suggest that you check them out.

I recommended using this app along with the Mindful Birthing book. Between those two, you’ll be a zen birther!

If you try this app, I’d enjoy hearing how you use it in the comments.

Consider adding this app between Candy Crush and Twitter to bring a little mindfulness into your device, won’t you?

Do you have a mindfulness app that you recommend or one that you would like me to review? Please let me know in the comments below. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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Disclosure: If I’ve done it right, this post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure policy here.


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