Contributor Guidelines

TouchstoneZ is looking for writers who have a story to share related to any mindful living and gentle parenting topic. Please contact me to discuss possible post ideas or to submit a post for consideration at zoie {dot} touchstonez {at} gmail {dot} com

What Is/Is Not Accepted: Content

  • Preferably, posts should be previously unpublished and on topic (see below for examples of acceptable topics). I will accept some previously published posts of high quality, as long as it is your original writing and photos. (See below for more information.) Issues related to parenting are often rife with strong emotions, and I encourage your authentic and passionate words. At the same time, I hope that TouchstoneZ will be a place where people who are investigating mindful living and gentle parenting can learn something new and perhaps even adopt some of the practices. With this in mind, I request that your post should be written with compassion for those who hold differing opinions. I believe that we can respect each other (even where we don’t agree with another’s choices), and that we can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
  • While contributors to TouchstoneZ maintain the copyright to all their work, I ask that you not post your submission anywhere else (including your own blog) whether paid or unpaid, for 90 days after publication on TouchstoneZ. This exclusivity adds value for readers without our asking you to give over copyright on your work. Similarly, I would prefer to wait 90 days to republish any previously published article.
  • I am not accepting any advertising-related posts at this time (including affiliate codes, paid blogging, or referral links). If you have a product that is relevant to mindful living and gentle parenting, and you would like to submit a product for a review/giveaway, please read the Advertising FAQ (forthcoming.)

Formatting and Editing Requirements

  • Posts are typically in the 300-1000 word range, but I have been known to go over this on (ahem, almost all) posts. Take as many (or as few) words as you need to tell your story, but consider breaking a really long post into multiple posts or even a “part 1” and “part 2” to keep readers coming back for more. I’m happy to host one part on TouchstoneZ and link to another part on your blog, of course
  • Use shorter paragraphs (3-6 sentences each); your post will be easier to read.
  • Organize your thoughts; use headings or lists when possible; be clear, concise, and straightforward.
  • Proofread. Proofread twice. Now proofread one more time. Your post will be edited, but I reserve the right to send it back to you for further proofreading if it has a large number of spelling/grammatical errors. Please check out Copyblogger’s great resource on editing your own work.
  • All posts must be accompanied by a mini-bio (about 2 sentences about you, you can link to your personal site, twitter, facebook page, etc) and a picture related to the post. The picture cannot be more than 500px in width, and you must either own or have permission to use the picture. If it is a stock/free image, please provide a name/link to the owner. Feel free to write anonymously, but I still request something for a bio and picture.
  • I reserve the right to edit (and veto) all submissions (but I will never make a substantive change without discussing it with you first)

Contributor Expectations

  • Writers are expected to visit/subscribe to the post to check on any comments, timely respond to comments, etc. If the writer has any questions or problems with a comment, please let me know as soon as possible. All comments (including the writers’) should remain respectful. All comments will be moderated and I apologize in advance for any delay.

Contribution to Your Blog

  • I am happy to contribute to your blog as a guest post or collaboration.
  • I am also open to collaborating on other projects such as carnivals or creative endeavors.

How to Contribute

  • Email the following to zoie {dot} touchstonez {at} gmail {dot} com
  • In the body of your email please include your contact information, bio and links, and link to photo along with caption
  • Please attach your post in a text format (.txt) including all html markup

Comments and Questions

  • Please feel free to contact me at zoie {dot} touchstonez {at} gmail {dot} com. I welcome your ideas and suggestions. I write a blog because I enjoy connection, otherwise I would stick to pen and paper. So, please know that my virtual door is always open to support you in your passions.

This page is inspired by the Natural Parents Network page on Contributors and Comment Policy. Some of the sentences are pure perfection and I have left them as they are directly from Natural Parents Network. I am grateful to Dionna from CodeName: Mama and Lauren from HoboMama for their sharing of knowledge. I welcome any suggestions on page alterations.

I love comments and try to reply to each one. I look forward to connecting with you. Namaste

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