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Mindful Mama Blog Carnival

Mindful Mama Blog Carnival

***Current Projects Are on Hiatus***

We all talk about how we want to bring more connectedness into our lives. We may want to connect with spirit, our bodies, acceptance, forgiveness or simply to find peace. Whether you already have a practice that centers you or you want to have a practice, but haven’t yet begun, here is a chance to write about what keeps you going or keeps you from starting and read what others are experiencing on their own journeys.

A few Ideas:

  • Asana Practice
  • Meditation Practice
  • Philosophical Reading Practice
  • Philosophical Writing Practice
  • Other Regular Practice that will fit into this idea

I hope you’ll join us in writing about what mindful practice means to you.

To stay connected:

Current Carnival:

  • June 22 2012: Call for Submissions
  • Due Date: June 29 2012
  • Topic: Mindfulness and Nature
  • Publish Date: July 5 2012

Upcoming Carnivals:

  • TBD: Call for Submissions
  • Due Date: TBD
  • Topic: TBD
  • Publish Date: TBD

Previous Carnivals:

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Mindful Mama Carnival
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Mindful Mama Carnival
<div align="center"><a href="https://touchstonez.com/currentprojects/mindful-mama-carnival-home-page/" target="_blank"><img src="http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6195/6104475367_d6299b2cbb_m.jpg" alt="Mindful Mama Carnival" width="125" /></a></div>

Update 13 November 2011 December Mindful Mama Blog Carnival Announced

Update 1 September 2011 Kelly at Becoming Crunchy is joining with TouchstoneZ to present the September 2011 Mindful Mama Blog Carnival

Update and Sneak Peek 31 August, 2011 If you’re thinking of grabbing a badge, please note that there will be an updated badge soon with a new link. The next Mindful Mama Carnival dates, topic, and two announcements will be coming this week!
Update 30 June, 2011 The second Mindful Mama Carnival will be in September 2011. Topic and exact date TBD. Please subscribe using the links on the right, so you don’t miss future updates.

Q: How can I follow the Carnival on Twitter?
A: You can follow me on Twitter and you can use the hashtag #MindMaCar

Q: I’d like to participate, but I haven’t done a carnival before and I don’t know how to handle the participant code you are talking about. Can I still participate?
A: Please consider participating anyway. We would like the carnival to be about sharing with one another by writing and reading about all the various takes we’ll have on the topics. The participant code is to make it easier to find one another’s posts to read and leave some comment love. I’m sure the other participants would appreciate it if you include the code as it creates amount of cross traffic from blog to blog. It is not a requirement, simply a request that you include it. This is what the code is: 2 blocks of html text. The only thing you do with each block is highlight (select) it, copy it, and then paste it into your post. Preview, then Save the Updates, if you’re happy with it. You don’t have to mess with or have any knowledge of html to do this. If you have ever copy and pasted, then you can do it. Again, if you choose not to include the code, that’s fine. Another alternative is to link back to the posts at TouchstoneZ and Becoming Crunchy the day of, if you feel okay about that.

Q: I’m neither Mindful nor a Mama, but I would like to participate.
A: If you’ve got something that can add to the conversation, please be welcome.

Q: Is there anything I can’t write about for the Carnival?
A: We would like your post to be tied to the topic someway, but I’m open to hearing about why something unrelated would be relevant. Feel free to shoot me an email. Some things I can think of like, excessive typos, grammatical errors, attacks, commercial/sales/spam, or far off-topic posts are not things I would like to be included. So, I may notify you that they will not be included or request that they be edited for resubmission. The earlier you submit your post, the better, if you’re at all concerned about it. I’ll do my best to work with you. If I don’t hear back from you on an issue that would keep a post out of the carnival, then I may keep it out.

More questions? Please comment below or email us.

43 thoughts on “Mindful Mama Carnival Home Page

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  24. Hello! I signed up and submitted for the 2012 March carnival and just want to make sure I did everything correctly! Thanks for any help you can provide and looking forward to the carnival day!!!

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  42. Is it too late to join in on the carnival? I would love to participate. I also want to add how much I have enjoyed reading your blog, you are an amazing woman! Please feel free to add your link to my blog directory at http://www.EcoCrazyMom.com under the “bloggers.” tab. I look forward to keeping in touch.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Terri. I’ll be sure to stop by and check out your site. You are welcome to participate in the carnival. Kelly and I have extended the submissions due date through September 18th.

I love comments and try to reply to each one. I look forward to connecting with you. Namaste

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