Who Dat?

Me with my boys

Me with my boys

We that are true lovers run into strange capers; but as all is mortal in nature, so is all nature in love mortal in folly ~Shakespeare

Welcome. Thank you for stopping by. I’m Zoie, I’m a greenie Yogini mama to three singleton boys, twin girls, and one singleton girl born still in 2007. I have a tendancy to pop into ardha chandrasana while unloading the dishwasher. I’m a dirty, dirty hippy mama which means I love you anyway.

This blog is an exploration in gentle parenting and mindful living using the lessons I learn “on the mat,” in meditation, in Yoga, and other practices. I take those lessons “off the mat” and into life. I look forward to connecting with you.

Cast of Characters:

Bud is Buddha: ds3, born in Summer 2010, exists on a higher level of joy than I do.

Gan is Ganesha: ds2, born in Summer 2008, is excellent at locating any of my (hidden?) emotional buttons and pushing them repeatedly. Perhaps he’s a bit too much like myself.

Saris Saraswati: dd1, stillborn in Fall 2007, always present in my heart and mind. I think I am the only one holding on to her memory on a daily basis. There’s much pain and healing associated with my daughter.

Nat is Nataraja: ds1, born in Summer 2006, is prone to dramatics in affection and upset but is simultaneously calm in his center.

Twin girls, born in Fall 2012, yet to be nicknamed for the blog 🙂

Nameless DH is working on his own name and description perhaps out of fear of what I might say about him? Who me? *bats eyelashes* But, if he takes too long, I will create something on my own, perhaps involving toe jam and cereal…

2 thoughts on “Who Dat?

  1. So Zoie, you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers, sometimes known as The Spikey’s…. That makes me a happy blogger now – I really appreciate you making that special mouse click.

    Hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too.

    If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, just let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input 🙂

    Have a great old day…

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I love comments and try to reply to each one. I look forward to connecting with you. Namaste

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